Marketing students compete against best at OCMC

The most creative and innovative college marketing students across the province come together each year to compete in the prestigious Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC).

In 2023, Georgian proudly hosted the event at Blue Mountain. More than 250 marketing students from 13 colleges competed in the multi-day experiential learning event, supported by more than 130 college faculty and staff.

Team Georgian was made up of 26 students from the Business-Marketing and Advertising and Marketing Communications programs.

From September until November the students meet weekly or more with their faculty and staff coaches to prepare for their competition.

The competition categories

The first competition is Quiz Bowl. In this game-show style event, students think fast and strategically as they answer rapid-fire questions about marketing concepts and current events, while their teams cheer them on in the crowd.

The second day of the competition involves individuals or pairs of students competing in 11 categories, including:

  • advanced marketing strategy,
  • direct marketing,
  • entrepreneurship,
  • integrated marketing communications,
  • international marketing,
  • job interview,
  • marketing,
  • marketing research,
  • prospect pitching,
  • retail marketing, and
  • sales presentation.

Four students stand around a high-top table looking at a laptop screen
Georgian’s quiz bowl team: Larissa De Simone, Megan Branham, Julian Nantel and Bella Giankoulas

In most categories, students receive their case and have 30 minutes to prepare a solution. Then, they have 15 minutes to present their solution to a panel of industry judges.

“This is the best learning lab in the Business and Management academic area that we offer on an annual basis,” says Pavla Kazda, Dean, Business and Management. “And, it really impacts the students and the industry in a positive way because our students graduate with the skills they need to be immediately effective in the workplace.”

What students say about the OCMC experience

Garnet Rotenberg and Maya Smith, wearing business suits and smiling
Garnet Rotenberg and Maya Smith after they competed in the Marketing competition at OCMC.

Maya Smith, an Advertising and Marketing Communications student, and Garnet Rotenberg, a Business-Marketing student, competed in the marketing category.

Maya is a two-time OCMC competitor since she competed in quiz bowl in 2022. “My favourite thing about OCMC is getting to meet other students who are like-minded and share the same passions as me. When it comes to marketing and advertising, I think it’s the best experience for meeting other people in the field.”

Garnet says, “It’s like going into work and it’s our first taste of real experience. It’s been a really cool and special experience.”

Jessica Hatt, an Advertising and Marketing Communications program, competed in the marketing research category.

“I like the intense environment. It seems scary at first, but once you’re in it, you find a way to thrive and it brings out all the best qualities you have.”

Manasdeep Singh, an Advertising and Marketing Communications program, competed in the entrepreneurship category and won 5th place.

“OCMC gave me an opportunity to implement my marketing learnings into real-life cases, and opportunities to connect with business people. That’s ultimately going to help me land a job, a better career, a better start.”

Andrea Tapia and Manasdeep Singh, wearing business suits and smiling
Andrea Tapia Tapia and Manasdeep Singh prior to competing in the Entrepreneurship category at OCMC.

Charlamagne Dizon and Diogo Santos, both Business-Marketing students, competed in the advanced marketing strategy category and won 4th place.

“It’s such an honour to be asked to compete,” says Charlamagne. “To have all these people from different backgrounds, with different stories, come together and be in this one space is amazing.”

Diogo says, “My favourite thing about OCMC is the amount of effort we have to put in to see results. I’m a big believer in working hard and making sure hard work pays off. I think OCMC is a great chance to show that.”

The best of the best

Since 1980, OCMC has been a student-centred experience, giving the brightest talent a chance to network with industry experts and take the next step toward finding a job.

“When these students go to a job interview, just saying they attended an OCMC event gives them an edge,” says Alison Durtnall, event organizer and Georgian professor. “This event is highly recognized within the provincial industry as a meeting of the best and brightest.”

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