People of Georgian: Travel and snow draw international student to Canada
May 20, 2022

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People of Georgian: Meet Yunish Dahal

I love to travel to new places. That’s why I chose Canada as one of my first-pick destinations because it’s really a beautiful country.

I love the winter, and most of the time there is snow in Canada.

Because of all those things I chose Canada.

A person with short brown hair, black sunglasses, tan jacket, black shirt, jeans, and brown boots, sits on a short brick wall in front of Niagara Falls, a large waterfall.
Yunish at Niagara Falls.

I’ve been to many beautiful places in Canada. When I first came here, I went to Niagara Falls, which I really loved.

Toronto has been my favourite place to visit so far. I went there with some of my friends from back home.

It was memorable because that was my first trip after so long. I was so happy.

That is the place I want to live in after I graduate. I love the city life. There are lots of things to do in Toronto, lots of clubs, lots of beautiful places.

A person with brown hair, black sunglasses, grey jacket and jeans stands in front of a large building and tower.
Yunish in front of the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower in Toronto.

Whenever I do travel it is a different kind of vibe. I can see lots of people, know about new places, or try different, new foods.

I get sick of eating the same food. If I go to new places they have their own typical foods and I can try a new taste.

I’m from Nepal, the country of Mount Everest, and momos are quite the famous food there. They are my favourite.

From one time zone to a whole new world

Nepal is a small country, economically and physically in the world.

There’s a huge difference between Canada and Nepal. For example, Nepal is so small it only has one time zone.

People think Nepal is part of India, but it’s its own country. It has unity and diversity. We have all four seasons, different landscapes, different cultures, different languages.

People always imagine what the snowy, mountainous side of Nepal looks like, but the lower part of Nepal is kind of hot.

‘Canada has lots of opportunity’

We have summer in the lower part of Nepal for six to seven months, and we have winter all over Nepal.

I came to Canada in January 2021. It is a very good place to study.

The advice I’d give newcomers is they can meet lots of new people here, and with time they’ll get used to the new environment and that confidence can help them grow personally.

Canada has lots of opportunity. They can build up a good connection with lots of people.

A person wearing glasses, a dress shirt and blazer sits at a table with a sign overhead reading "International Partnership."

The most important thing is when they come to Canada it’ll teach them to be independent.

If I were back home I would still be dependent on my family. When I came here I had to do everything by myself because I live by myself.

In the beginning I used to call my family every day asking, “How do you do these things?” Now I don’t have to call them, I can do it by myself.

Yunish Dahal, student in Georgian’s Computer Systems Technician program and International Student Ambassador in the International Centre at the Barrie Campus.