Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Management and Leadership)

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Management and Leadership)

Program Code
Honours Bachelor Degree

Program requirements

  • 27 Mandatory Core Courses
  • 2 Mandatory Non-Core Course
  • 5 Elective Core Courses
  • 6 Elective Non-Core Courses
  • 2 Co-op Work Terms

Admission requirements
Please note that in order to take degree courses part-time you must apply and be accepted. The admission requirements are the same for part-time and full-time admissions to this degree. Please see the full-time admissions page for more information.

Degree Completion ONLINE Pathway

Designed for graduates of a two-year Business (general) diploma. Complete your business degree online!
Apply today at OntarioCollege.ca with the program code BBMO.

Entry into this program requires a GPA of 70% (B-) or higher and consists of two online courses per semester (for 11 consecutive semesters)

Please see our course listings of available General Education and Communications courses for this program.

Georgian will cover the cost of the $95 Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) fee, all other Georgian fees are still applicable.

Program Description

Students are provided a degree-level education in business with a special focus on management and leadership. Students explore current issues, trends and technologies preparing them to adopt innovative approaches to evolving management and leadership issues. Entrepreneurship is a Georgian College signature learning experience, and a number of core and optional courses focused on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are offered. Interactive curriculum delivery in this program promotes critical thinking and problem solving. A strategically sequential co-op structure serves to maximize the link between theory and practice.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
Business Law BSNS1001 BSNS1004 - Business Law (ODE)   Mandatory
Business Mathematics MATS2000   Mandatory
Corporate Finance FINC3003 FINC3005 - Corporate Finance (ODE)   Mandatory
Greed and Globalization INTS4007  
International Business BSNS2005   Mandatory
Introduction to Accounting ACTG1000   Mandatory
Introduction to Philosophy HUMA2034  
Introduction to Philosophy HUMA2033  
Introduction to Psychology 2 PSYC1004  
Leadership MNGM1000   Mandatory
Major Religions of the World HUMA2010  
Management Information Systems MNGM4006 MNGM4015 - Management Information Systems (ODE)   Mandatory
Microeconomics ECNM1000   Mandatory
Music History HUMA2011  
Organizational Behaviour BSNS2004   Mandatory
Project Management MNGM2001   Mandatory
The Internet Economy BSNS1002 BSNS1005 - The Internet Economy (ODE)   Mandatory

Additional Info

This college has been granted consent by the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities to offer this applied degree for a seven-year term starting January 21, 2015. The college shall ensure that all students admitted to the program during the period of consent will have the opportunity to complete the program within a reasonable time frame.

Non-core courses are required in all degree programs to meet the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities benchmark for depth and breadth in degree-level learning. These courses are designed to give students the tools to develop interdisciplinary perspectives that inform their approach to their own discipline, their continued education and their life outside work.

Students are required to take: at least one first year interdisciplinary course (INTS1xxx); two introductory courses in their choice of disciplines outside their main field of study, which may include psychology (PSYC1000 or 1001), social science (SOCI1000), humanities (HUMA1000), or science (SCEN1000); one advanced course in a discipline (ex. PSYC3xxx, SOSC3xxx, HUMA3xxx), and; one upper level interdisciplinary course (INTS4xxx). These courses and any remaining non-core course requirements to be selected from the program list.