Mechanical Technician - Precision Skills
Be career ready! Experience a state-of-the-art facility. Home to two consecutive Canadian champion CNC machinists at Skills Canada.

General information

Program code
4 Semesters, plus 1 work term (2 Years)
Ontario College Diploma, Co-op
Work integrated learning
1 Co-op Work Term
Academic area

Intake information

Start date Campus
Fall 2021 Barrie
Summer 2021 Barrie

Program description

This program provides students with opportunities to acquire precision skills that are in high demand within the advanced manufacturing sector.  Students learn to safely set-up and operate conventional machine tools and other complex machining equipment, such as CNC lathes, mills and accessories. They develop the knowledge and skills to manufacture components, assist with design of jigs and fixtures, tools, moulds and dies and perform troubleshooting to enact repairs on production tooling. Through experiential learning opportunities, students use accurate measuring and testing methods to ensure precision in a variety of manufactured components.   

Experience Georgian: Inside the machine shop

If you like working with your hands, the machine shop is the place for you. In this video, professor Mike Zacharko and his student Nicholas demonstrate a typical class assignment. Starting with nothing, they inject calculations and creativity into their drawing, mill the metal, and assemble the pieces to produce a toy car. Watch their progress from start to finish.


This program is accredited by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE).

This accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for co-operative education programs in Canada, and recognizes Georgian's commitment to quality in co-op education.

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Career opportunities

This program prepares the graduate for the Aerospace, Energy, Mining, and Automotive industries, along with advanced manufacturing facilities. Career path options include CNC Programmers, CNC Set-Up Technicians, Tool and Die Makers, Mould Makers, Millwrights and General Machinists, as well as many other precision manufacturing opportunities. As employees, responsibilities may include design, custom production, maintenance and troubleshooting of complex tooling, moulds, dies and/or related tooling. Demand in Canada for individuals with excellent precision skills is typically high.

Admission information

Admission requirements

OSSD or equivalent with

  • Grade 12 English (C or U)
  • any Grade 111 or 12 Mathematics (C, M, or U)

Mature students, non-secondary school applicants (19 years or older), and home school applicants may also be considered for admission. Eligibility may be met by applicants who have taken equivalent courses, upgrading, completed their GED, and equivalency testing. For complete details refer to:


Applicants who have taken courses from a recognized and accredited post-secondary institution and/or have relevant life/learning experience may also be considered for admission; refer to the Credit Transfer Centre website for details:


Program-specific Courses

  • CNCT 1013 - CNC Applications 1
    (Semester 1 / 56 hours)
  • MATH 1042 - Mathematics for Mechanical Technician
    (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • TDIE 1001 - Basic Machine Tool Application
    (Semester 1 / 112 hours)
  • TDIE 1013 - Basic Machine Tool Theory
    (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • TDIE 1015 - Interpreting Engineering Drawings
    (Semester 1 / 28 hours)
  • CNCT 1012 - CAD CAM Design 1
    (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • CNCT 1014 - CNC Applications 2
    (Semester 2 / 56 hours)
  • TDIE 1014 - Advanced Machine Tool Applications
    (Semester 2 / 126 hours)
  • TDIE 1016 - Advanced Machine Tool Theory
    (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • CNCT 1005 - CNC Process and Fixture Technology
    (Semester 3 / 28 hours)
  • CNCT 2009 - CAD Cam Design 2
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • TDIE 2010 - Basic Tool Making Theory
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • TDIE 2011 - Basic Tool Making Applications
    (Semester 3 / 154 hours)
  • CNCT 2010 - CNC Manufacturing (Design and Applications)
    (Semester 4 / 168 hours)
  • TDIE 2003 - Integration of Manufacturing Processes
    (Semester 4 / 28 hours)
  • TDIE 2008 - Advanced Tool Making Theory
    (Semester 4 / 42 hours)
  • COOP 1057 - Mechanical Technician – Precision Skills Work Term 1
    (560 hours)

Communications courses

  • Select 1 course from the communications list during registration.
    (Semester 1)
  • Select 1 course from the communications list during registration.
    (Semester 2)

General education courses

  • Select 1 course from the general education list during registration.
    (Semester 3)
  • Select two 42 hour courses from the general education list during registration.
    (Semester 4)