Owen Sound residence

Georgian College Owen Sound Campus residence offers everything you need to make your college experience an enjoyable and safe one. Enjoy the convenience of being steps away from the campus and having everything you need at your fingertips.

Here are few of the many advantages of living on campus in Owen Sound:

  • units are fully furnished and ready for internet and cable television hook-up
  • units feature laundry facilities and fully equipped common kitchen
  • 12-month lease – perfect for students whose programs extend over the summer, no need to move out and back between school terms
  • enjoy being just steps away from the college – you can sleep in late and still make it to class on time!
  • walking distance to grocery stores

See for yourself, take a virtual tour of the Owen Sound Campus residence. You can also check out our Owen Sound Campus residence brochure.

Georgian College Owen Sound Campus residence is professionally operated and managed by Campus Living Centres.


Each bedroom

  • Double bed
  • Desk and work area with chair
  • Cable outlet
  • Closet space with rack


  • Full-size refrigerator
  • Breakfast bar and chairs
  • Preparation area complete with sink and storage area
  • Stovetop and oven
  • Dishwasher

Living room

  • LCD flatscreen TV
  • Furniture


  • Bathtub with shower
  • Double sink
  • Toilet

Things to bring

  • Bed linens (suitable for double-width, queen-length bed)
  • Blankets, comforter, pillows
  • Towels – bath, face, dish, etc.
  • Small furniture items (bookshelf, small dresser)
  • Laundry soap, fabric softener/dryer sheets
  • Toilet paper
  • Shower curtain
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Coffee maker
  • Kettle
  • Iron – with board
  • Books, pens, pencils, ruler, stapler, three-hole punch, tape, etc.

Only Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) approved electrical appliances (such as kettles, toaster ovens, irons, etc.) with automatic shut-off feature are allowed in residence.

Tips for parents/guarantors

As a parent and/or guarantor, ensure you go over the acceptance package material with the resident. This will help to ensure both of you understand the payment schedules, deadlines and all rules and regulations of residence.

When a guarantor signs the SRA, he or she takes financial responsibility for the resident. If the resident is unable to make payments, it is the responsibility of the guarantor to meet these financial requirements. The guarantor must sign the agreement.

  • For most residents, this is their first experience living away from home. Residence staff are here to help with this transition by providing support and assistance.
  • We treat each resident as an adult – all invoices, statements and refunds are delivered to the resident. We are unable to give out information regarding a resident without his or her permission. Refund cheques are made payable to the resident, making it his or her responsibility to ensure all deadlines are met.
  • We recommend that, if possible, parents/guarantors take a tour of the residence. Our staff will be happy to provide you with a tour and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us to set up an appointment for a tour. In the meantime, please take a virtual tour of the residence at LINK.
  • If the resident is having any challenges or concerns, please encourage him or her to speak with our staff. We are fully trained to deal with circumstances that may arise and will work with residents to ensure they are satisfied with their residence experience.
  • Social activities, academics and settling into a new home and community will take up a lot of the resident’s time in the first few weeks. You may not always be able to get a hold of him or her when you call – this is an expected result of joining a college community.
  • It is not uncommon for residents to go through an adjustment period when learning to live with someone new. If the resident is having difficulty with his or her roommate, please direct him or her to a resident advisor. This is an important first step in learning how to communicate and develop a good relationship with their roommates.
  • The resident advisors are fellow students who have been hired to act as resources and guides for the residents. RAs go through an extensive training program that is aimed at giving them the necessary skills to deal with any situation that may arise in residence.
  • We do offer a winter break option to all our residents. You must inform residence staff prior to Dec. 1, 2014, if you plan on staying for any part of the break.

Important dates

Summer 2015 semester

May 15 – Residence acceptance email package sent out

May 15 – Residence waitlist notification email sent out

June 25 – SRA, student information form and first residence payment due

Aug 12 – Move-in day, roommate information and parking email sent out

Fall 2015 semester

Sept 5 – Official move-in day

Oct 1 – Option 2 and option 3 residence payments due

Oct 19 – Study Week break checklist sent out

Dec 1 – Winter break checklist sent out

Dec 20-Jan 9 – Holiday room inspections

Winter 2016 semester

Jan 12 – Move out/renewal forms sent out

Feb 1 – Option 3 residence payment due

Feb 12 – Move out/renewals forms must be returned

Feb 22 – Study Week break checklist sent out

Apr 4 – Summer break checklist sent out

Fees for 12-month lease (Sept. 3, 2017 to Aug. 25, 2018)

  • $7,170 ($6,450 base rent, plus $720 utilities charge); utilities included (parking extra)

Payment options

Option 1 (save $200)

  • $7,170 ($6,450 base rent, plus $720 utilities charge) due on or before June 25, 2017

Option 2

  • $7,370 ($6,450.00 base rent, plus $720 utilities charge and $200 admin fee) payable as $4,450 on or before June 25, 2017 and $2,920 payable on or before Oct. 1, 2017

Option 3

  • $7,370 ($6,450 base rent, plus $720 utilities charge and+ $200 admin fee) payable as $1,238 on or before June 25, 2017, $3,212 payable on or before Oct. 1, 2017 and $2920 payable on or before Feb. 1, 2018

Please contact us at 705.242.2852 if you require a payment plan.


A deposit of $500 is required with all applications for residence. Once you have moved into residence, this is used as a damage deposit for your room. It is returned to you, less any charges owing, after you have moved out. You will be required to fill out a room inspection form upon arrival to the residence. This form will be held on file for the duration of your stay with us. Once the agreement term ends in August, we will compare your room inspection form to the current state of your room. Your deposit can be paid by certified cheque, money order or bank draft. Personal cheques are not accepted. If paying by cheque, the cheque must be certified and made payable to Campus Development Corp. Please also include the applicant’s name in the memo section of the cheque.

Apply for Owen Sound Campus residence

Note: Your residence application is separate from your application to Georgian College.


All our correspondence will be sent to you by email. Please make sure you check your email regularly so you don’t miss any time-sensitive information (offers of accommodation, acceptance and payment deadlines, etc.).

Application process – next steps

Pay your deposit

A deposit of $500 is required with all applications for residence. Once you have moved into residence, this is used as a damage deposit for your room. It is returned to you, less any charges owing, once the agreement term ends. You will be required to fill out a room inspection form upon arrival to the residence. This form will be held on file for the duration of your stay with us. Once you have moved out, we will compare your room inspection form to the current state of your room. Your deposit can be paid by certified cheque, money order or bank draft. Personal cheques are not accepted. If paying by cheque, the cheque must be certified and made payable to Campus Development Corp. Please also include the applicant’s name in the memo section of the cheque.

Residence acceptance package

We will start mailing out residence acceptance packages May 1, 2015. These will be emailed to the email address that was provided on the application form. Applicants must meet all required deadlines with their paperwork and payments. Please note: Payment plans must be approved by the residence manager. You are required to send your acceptance package back by June 25, 2015, in order to guarantee your spot in residence. Please ensure all paperwork is completed in full and payment is included with your acceptance package.

Our goal is to work with you to help you develop skills needed to become an independent and strong individual.

By promoting your personal and academic growth, we extend the educational experience beyond the classroom and lecture halls. The best part is, you choose how you’d like to get involved!

Getting involved in residence is easy, whether you enjoy social activities with your friends, helping others with academics, being part of the team by joining in athletics and recreation or making changes for everyone by being active in student leadership. It’s all here and it’s all for you!

In addition to life skills and becoming involved, you will also learn how your contributions help develop a unique and diverse experience. The Georgian College residence can help you learn what a global community feels like.

We have students from across the globe who will help you learn more about different cultures, languages and histories and how you fit into it all. Residence life is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Get involved

Life on campus is what you make it! By joining the residence community, you have many opportunities to contribute and be a part of the residence experience.


Roommate selection

Everyone who is accepted into residence must fill out a personality profile (included in your residence acceptance package). Your roommate is selected based on your answers to the personality profile. We recommend that you fill out the personality profile by yourself and answer each question truthfully. This way you end up with the best match possible. You may request to live with a friend while in residence. As long as each of you has been accepted, and agree to live with each other, we will do our best place you in the same suite. Please note that there are no co-ed suites available.

We will mail out a package in August, which may include the name and contact information of your roommate. Once you have received this package, you can contact your roommate(s).

While you will find out who your roommates are, we are unable to give out your room number prior to your arrival. Changes to our room registry may occur before you arrive and we want to ensure we provide you the correct information about your room. This information will be given to you upon your arrival.

Roommate tips

Difficult situations can often be avoided altogether if they are discussed in advance. Here are some discussion points to think about when you and your roommate meet:

  • food/shopping
    • if you plan to share food, supplies, etc., you may want to consider making a schedule for who purchases what and when, especially for necessities (such as milk, bread, etc.)
    • ask about allergies
  • cleaning responsibilities:
    • discuss who will clean common areas and who will be responsible for general cleanliness of the suite (dishes, dusting, clean-up, etc.)
  • privacy:
    • discuss privacy rules with your roommate
  • sharing of personal items:
    • talk about what you agree to share or not share (e.g., dishes, utensils, CDs, books, clothing, paper towels, toilet paper, computers, appliances, etc.)
    • set guidelines and limits for sharing
  • noise:
    • talk about rules for having guests, how frequently each of you plans to study each week, and what you plan to do in the suite while others are studying and to promote healthy study habits
    • discuss how often in a week friends can come over, how many, and how you plan to notify your roommate when you expect guests
    • discuss when you plan to study, and if the TV or stereo can be on during that time, and what time is reasonable to be quiet during the week and weekends
  • overnight guests:
    • talk about how frequently you plan to have overnight guests, how far in advance you want to be told about whether your roommate is having an overnight guest, any limitations to when a guest can or cannot stay over (e.g, mid-terms, exams) and any rules that will be enforced to respect each other’s privacy
  • smoking, drinking and drugs:
    • discuss your drinking habits and make sure each of you understands the no smoking or drug-use policy
    • if one roommate is a smoker, you should discuss ways to reduce the smell of smoke that may remain in clothing and inhibit your roommate’s enjoyment of the unit
  • social:
    • talk about how frequently you each of you plans to socialize in residence
    • if you don’t see eye-to-eye on this area, you may need to discuss ways that you can find common ground that will be reasonable and conducive to your roommates’ enjoyment of the residence experience

Student resources

  • check your drinking: How much do you drink? Do you drink too much? How do you compare to the average college/university student? Take five minutes to fill out this survey and learn about perceptions and habits related to alcohol. Once you complete the survey, it will give you information that may have a positive impact on your own perceptions and habits.
  • iCopeU: Stressed out? Anxious? Feeling down? Want to learn how to effectively cope with the challenges of student life? This interactive website has games, videos and multiple resources that will help you cope with some of the things you may find challenging or stressful while living in residence.
  • Knowfire.ca: Fire safety awareness campaign.
  • SiOS: Self-injury outreach and support.

Mailing address

Georgian College Owen Sound Residence
Campus Development Corp. – Owen Sound
PMB# 513
133 Weber St. N., Unit 3
Waterloo ON N2J 3G9

For maintenance inquiries

If something breaks in your unit, please contact our facilities department. This will authorize our maintenance staff to enter your room between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to perform the repair you have requested. This request may take a few days to get to so we ask you to be patient. If it is an emergency, we ask that you alert our staff to the situation. Please note that any damage to the suite that has occurred at the fault of the resident will be billable.


For tours

  • call us at 705.345.3527

Resident advisors

Your resident advisors (RAs) are here to help you transition into the residence and are available to advise students on academic or personal issues and to promote a sense of community within the residence. You can contact your RA by calling 705.345.4051.