Garima from India
September 21, 2018

A woman holds her diploma and a rose at her graduation ceremony

Meet Garima!

My name is Garima Kumar, and I graduated in 2015 from the Early Childhood Education program at the Orillia Campus. I came to Georgian as an international student from New Delhi, India. I got a job in Vaughan in September 2015 as a Registered ECE at a Montessori School and have been working there since then (now as a lead teacher in the toddler room). My job is to work with young children and their families to enhance the child’s social, physical, emotional, cognitive and communication skills (which my professors used to say SPECC so that it was easy for us to remember!) using Montessori setting.

My placements in daycare, kindergarten and Ontario Early Years programs helped me a lot to get the experience of what an ECE does. The professors were great as they have worked directly with children and they shared their personal experiences which helped me understand the course better.

Orillia was my Canadian home and Georgian gave me a bunch of friends who I now call my family and visit them very often! Georgian also gave me my very first job as an International Ambassador through which I got to meet students from different countries and was the best job ever! #ProudGeorgian