People of Georgian: Student wears many hats as mom, blogger, pageant star

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People of Georgian: Meet Allison Chisholm

I am a full-time student, a mother, a blog owner, and a regional pageant titleholder.

At the age of 21, I decided it was time for me to return to my studies after discovering my passion for hospitality and tourism.

At the same time, I became the regional titleholder of Miss Galaxy Lions Head 2022 and started my preparations to compete in the Canada Galaxy National Finals in September of this year. 

A person dressed all in black, wearing a sash reading Miss Galaxy Lions Head, sits on a stool.
A person in a purple dress, wearing a sash reading Miss Galaxy Lions Head, smiles at the camera. Text: 2022 National Finalist

‘I saw an industry that was growing and completely diverse’

I found my passion for hospitality and tourism after spending a summer working on the beautiful Northern Bruce Peninsula. Home of Tobermory and my town, Lions Head.

I worked in hotels and a small coffee shop during the summer months of 2021. This was when I fully unleashed my dedication to the industry.

Having parents who ran a bed and breakfast, and working in the hotels, I saw an industry that was growing and completely diverse. I loved what I did, and I loved what my parents did, too.

So, I applied for Georgian’s Hotel and Resort Operations Management program to gain a better understanding of where in this industry piqued my interest the most. 

Pandemic life inspired pageant competitions

All the while, I was preparing for a national-level competition.

I had never competed in pageants up until the pandemic. Competing virtually gave me something to keep my mind busy, and it also gave me a goal to work toward.

I competed for both Miss Confidence Canada 2021 in mid-July and Miss Entrepreneurship Canada 2021 during late fall.

After those, I was appointed to the title of Miss Galaxy Lions Head 2022. I have been preparing for the national finals of Canada Galaxy Pageants for just over one year now, and I competed in the final show on Sept. 26.

Pageants have given me a platform to talk about my story of being a young mom who wears lots of different hats.

A child sits on an adult's lap and they hug while smiling at the camera.
Allison and her daughter.
A person wearing a floral sundress stands in front of a garden of orange lilies and puts their arms in the air.

Encouraging others to ‘speak their truths loudly and proudly’

It also gives me the opportunity to showcase the stories of those around me as well. For example, I started what I call The Commonality Movement in January 2022 as a way to share inspiring life stories, experiences and tips from others with the community.

I have connected with nine incredible women from all across Canada and shared their experiences ranging from anxiety within a disability, to entrepreneurial doubt, and even the impact of COVID-19 and education.

As a mother of a young daughter, sharing these stories is something I hold near and dear to my heart.

I want to show my daughter and everyone else that it is OK to have these predicaments, and it is even more OK to discuss them with others.

I want to inspire her and other people to be themselves and speak their truths loudly and proudly. 

Allison (Ally) Chisholm, student in Georgian’s Hotel and Resort Operations Management program.

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