People of Georgian: Student by day, wrestler by night

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People of Georgian: Meet Corbin Crawford-Joslin

My name is Corbin Joslin, but when I’m in the wrestling ring I’m Van Landon, “the barn burner.”  

I grew up loving professional wrestling – the WWE, what John Cena and The Rock did.

I fell in love with wrestling at a young age. It was sort of my escape from reality. It was my happy place if things weren’t good at home or at school.

A person with brown hair pulled back and a brown beard, and who's wearing a black buttoned shirt, smiles at the camera.

Growing up, I was a naturally athletic child. I was always in sports, and I was the athlete of the year at my school.

Eventually I realized, “Hey, I love wrestling and I’m athletic enough, I could probably try doing it.”

Around Grade 10, I started to look deeper into it. That’s when I found wrestling schools within Ontario, and I sent an email to a place called Hamilton Pro Wrestling.

I got linked up with a trainer there, and then I started going for training twice a week.

From student to wrestling in front of 150+ people

After a few years, I started at Georgian and that’s when wrestling had to take a back seat for a while.

But just two weeks after beginning my very first semester of college, I competed in my first-ever live professional wrestling match.

In September 2019, pre-pandemic, I was lucky enough to get to perform live in front of 150+ fans. That was incredible.

Words can’t describe the feeling of 150 people all cheering for you and chanting your name.

A person with long brown hair and beard, and who's shirtless, with circular sunglasses, an undone orange jacket, black tights, black shorts, and a plaid shirt tied around their waist, grimaces and holds three fingers up on one hand.
Corbin Crawford-Joslin as his wrestler alter-ego, Van Landon.

It’s a whirlwind of emotions. It’s nerves, it’s excitement. When you’re in the moment there’s so much adrenaline, I could equate it to riding a zipline or roller coaster.  

But that’s why we practice and train, so when you get in the ring it’s muscle memory driving you. You’re putting on a show – an artistic performance – for everyone in there.

Don’t be afraid to bet on yourself. Don’t be afraid to take those steps forward to try and achieve your dreams.

Corbin Crawford-Joslin, Georgian alumnus

Most people know professional wrestling is not real combat; I’m not trying to actually hurt someone. It’s very much a dance, where you’re working with the other wrestlers to put on the best performance possible.

Wrestling is about putting smiles on people’s faces, being entertaining, and giving people the same enjoyment that pro wrestling has always given us.

It’s so fulfilling for me, as someone who grew up dreaming about being a professional wrestler, to finally have an experience like that.

Don’t be afraid to bet on yourself. Don’t be afraid to take those steps forward to try and achieve your dreams.

Corbin Crawford-Joslin, alumnus from Georgian’s Advertising and Marketing Communications program (class of 2021). Follow Corbin’s wrestling journey on Instagram.

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