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People of Georgian: Meet Monica Levac

When I was young my mom kept on signing me up for dance and stuff like that, and I just was never really into that.

One of my neighbours said she was giving art lessons, and it wasn’t that much money, so I said, “Can you sign me up for that, mom?”

I think I was around the age of 10. It continued on into high school, where I was signed up for the arts program. You have this special class you go to during your spare time to draw and there’s someone there to help you.

It focused on water colours, so that’s where I started, and then I went on to acrylic, and from there screen printing.

A person with short, curly red hair, blue T-shirt, blue jeans, and white gloves, smiles and holds up two colourful drawings - one of which is also on the shirt they're wearing - wrapped in clear plastic wrap.

I would describe my art now as dreamlike and mysterious. Also kind of like cartoonish but very detailed. It’s not realistic, it’s more colourful.

A lot of inspiration for my art comes from my dreams.

I always have repetitive dreams for some reason. If I kept on having a dream, I would just paint it out and then I wouldn’t have that dream anymore.

For example, my bear trap design came from a dream. There was an octopus underwater and it was tracking a bear and holding it hostage.

“A lot of inspiration for my art comes from my dreams.”

Monica Levac

The dreams just come. Sometimes it’s also like I draw something, and from that drawing I get another idea. It never stops.

Nowadays, I draw and put my art on clothing.

A person with short, curly red hair, gold crown, pink shirt with colourful design, bright floral jacket, and tie-dye pants with a print of aliens, looks in the distance and salutes.

‘We’re overloaded with shirts’

When I found out about screen printing, I really liked the whole process and wanted to keep doing it.

I kept giving my parents screen printed shirts every Christmas until they said, “Don’t give us anymore shirts. We’re overloaded with shirts.”

My fiancé and I started a business selling my art on clothing, and it feels really great to see it all happening. I’m proud of it.

We hope to eventually see a lot of people wearing our products.

We’re mostly aiming for people our age or in high school or college. Skateboarders and people that love sports. I would love to see famous people wearing it maybe in the future, that would be really cool. We’ll see where it takes us.

‘Just be yourself’

For others starting out in business, make sure whatever you do is something you like doing.

And just be yourself. When you’re young you always try to fit in. Some of your personality gets lost. I’ve seen it with me and my dyslexia.

So don’t put yourself in a box and say, “Oh I’ll be good at this.” Your heart has to be into it if you’re going to start something from scratch.

Monica Levac, alumna of Georgian’s Hospitality – Hotel and Resort Operations Management program (class of 2016). Co-creator of Danica Daydreams.

Learn about her co-creator Dan Hendley, who embraces the weirdness of life.

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