Passionate about changemaking? Check out our free Changemaker micro-certificate

Do you desire change in the world and are always looking for the knowledge and resources to make that change a reality? If you answered yes, you’re a changemaker.

At Georgian, we have a micro-certificate that’s perfect for you!

The Changemaker micro-certificate

The micro-certificate is made up of four badges:

  • Empathy
  • Shared Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Changemaking in Action

Once you’ve completed the four badges and earned the micro-certificate, you’ll also have gained transferable skills applicable to any workplace and position, valued and sought after by employers. Once a badge is completed or the micro-certificate is earned, have them added to your co-curricular record to take with you as recognition of the skills you’ve learned. 

Students studying at any Georgian campus can earn the micro-certificate, like Sarah Ortiz, a third-year Honours Bachelor of Counselling Psychology degree student. Sarah has completed the leadership and teamwork badges and will complete collaborative teamwork and practicing changemaking this semester.

My biggest takeaway so far is that being uncomfortable or triggered by something doesn’t mean we can’t move forward in the learning experience and figure out how to sit with our discomfort,

– Sarah Ortiz
A smiling female with long dark hair wearing a purple hoodie standing in front of a white board with coloured post-it notes on it

“As leaders, we need to be very mindful of transference and counter-transference. We can’t project our beliefs or misconceptions onto the people around us. It’s our responsibility to be as mindful, resourceful, and educated as we can be in an attempt to bring forward accurate wisdom to others. While exposure and learnings can be very difficult, we need to accept those challenges if we want to continue growing and thriving. We also need to keep in mind that Georgian offers many supports for when challenges arise. My biggest ah-ha moment was seeing the impact one conversation and connections could have.”

Sarah adds that she would encourage any Georgian student to complete the micro-certificate.

“It’s free!” says Sarah. “And it will be unlike anything you’ve ever enrolled in at Georgian. There are no deadlines. I’ll say that again. There are no deadlines. Or grades. You have nothing to lose and so, so much to gain.”


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