OMVIC and Georgian extend partnership for another five years

OMVIC (Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council) and Georgian College are pleased to announce the extension of their partnership for another five years. This 25-year collaboration has been instrumental in promoting professionalism and setting ethical standards within the Ontario automotive retail industry. 

“We look forward to growing this partnership in the years to come to continue to uphold our mandate of consumer protection while enhancing dealer and salesperson professionalism in the motor vehicle sales industry. The certification course is a cornerstone in our pursuit of this objective,” said Maureen Harquail, CEO and Registrar of OMVIC.  

Two people stand at a podium and sign a document in front of backdrops that read "OMVIC."
Maureen Harquail, CEO and Registrar of OMVIC, left, and Kevin Weaver, President and CEO, Georgian College, signed the agreement on Feb. 16.

After a quarter-century of excellent partnership, Georgian College and OMVIC continue to train the automotive business workforce to promote professionalism within the industry and provide protection for consumers. Georgian is pleased to extend this partnership for another five years to offer this important educational programming.

– Kevin Weaver, President and CEO, Georgian College

Last year alone, Georgian College reported a record-breaking 8,700 registrations for the OMVIC certification course, offered through the Automotive Business School of Canada. This course, a mandatory requirement for individuals aspiring to work as vehicle salespersons or dealers in Ontario, underscores the commitment to providing better protection for car buyers and fostering integrity within the automotive sector.  

A group of people stand behind a podium in front of backdrops reading "OMVIC" and "Experience Georgian."
Georgian and OMVIC have had a partnership for the last 25 years.

Georgian College and OMVIC’s unique relationship began in November 1999 when we collaborated to offer an automotive certification course. Since its establishment in 1999, there has been a consistent rise in annual program participation, with registrations from across North America. Both OMVIC and Georgian College are committed to empowering future automotive professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in a dynamic and evolving industry. 

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