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Jewellery Design, Bench Skills and Business

Program Code
College Diploma

Program requirements

  • 2 Communications Courses

New program starting in fall 2023! Course information will be available in August 2023.

Please see our course listings of available General Education and Communications courses for this program.

Program Description

The Jewellery Design, Bench Skills and Business diploma program provides you with the hands-on experience and skills necessary for a successful career in the jewellery industry. With access to industry experts, seasoned faculty and studios equipped with the latest technologies, you gain valuable expertise in stone setting, jewellery repair, and the creation of custom jewellery using hand fabrication and finishing techniques. Your practical skillset is further complemented through the use of computer aided design (CAD) software, which is of growing importance in the jewellery industry. With first-hand experience working in and managing the campus jewellery store, this unique program helps you broaden your focus to sales, marketing, accounting and business practices suitable for small businesses, and for creating and managing an online presence.

Current Course Offerings

No current course offerings.