Food and Nutrition Management

Food and Nutrition Management

Program Code
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program requirements

  • 12 Mandatory Courses
  • 2 Field Placements

The Food and Nutrition Management program is accredited by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers (CSNM).

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For more information, please contact

Tammy Burke-Marson
Program Support Assistant, Part-time Studies
705.728.1968, ext. 1761

Program Description

Students are prepared to manage a food services department while adhering to professional standards, quality management programs, nutritional and healthy living principles and marketing and promotional activities. In addition, graduates are able to employ a number of more complex functions supporting organizational effectiveness including supporting the design of food and nutrition human resource plan, financial analysis and control, and collaborating in the preparation of an organization's business plan or client care plan. Students apply research competencies to the assessment, analysis and problem solving with regard to nutritional needs and diagnoses.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code ONTARIOLEARN EQUIVALENTS Mandatory
Advanced Clinical Analysis FDNM1008   Mandatory
Biological Sciences in TR TREC1014   Mandatory
Clinical Nutrition FDNM1006   Mandatory
Disease and Disability FDNM1003   Mandatory
Facility Design FDNM1011   Mandatory
Finance and Accounting FDNM1001 HRMN1021 - Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting (ODE)   Mandatory
Food Modification FDNM1007   Mandatory
Food Service Management-Basic FDNM1009   Mandatory
Food Service Mgmt-Advanced FDNM1010   Mandatory
Human Resource Management FDNM1000 HRMN1031 - Principles of HR Management (ODE)   Mandatory
Professional Issues FDNM1004   Mandatory
Quality Management -Sanitation FDNM1005   Mandatory

External Recognition

This program follows the competencies of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM).