Flight Services

Flight Services

Program Code
Ontario College Certificate

Program requirements

  • 10 Mandatory Courses
  • 1 Communications Course

Please see our course listings of available General Education and Communications courses for this program.

Program Description

Flight Attendants are ambassadors of the passenger experience in the Airline industry. In this program, students focus on the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to provide exceptional passenger service and deal effectively with the travelling public. Through theory and hands on experience, students gain knowledge of the various duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant and how to provide quality service and leadership. Emphasis is placed on passenger safety and use of emergency equipment through simulated experiences.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code ONTARIOLEARN EQUIVALENTS Mandatory
Certif. for the Hosp Industry FLIE1002   Mandatory
Customer Service BUSI2005 BUSI1015 - Building and Maintaining Customer Relations (ODE)   Mandatory
Dynamics of Hosp/Tourism TOUR1009   Mandatory