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Event Management

Program Code
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program requirements

  • 11 Mandatory Courses
  • 1 Field Placement

For more information, please contact

Tammy Burke-Marson
Program Support Assistant, Part-time Studies
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Program Description

Events can be used to stimulate economies, develop community awareness, increase public involvement, improve quality of life, raise funds and market products. Managing a successful event of any size requires extensive know-how and planning. In Georgian's Event Management program, students gain the skills and experience to prepare them for an exciting career in a fast-paced industry that relies on client satisfaction. The curriculum, designed by industry professionals,enables students to explore current trends and technologies that drive the industry. Students have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience planning, marketing, executing and evaluating events. By the end of the program, they are equipped with the knowledge, skill, and practical experience to find employment in the event industry.

Current Course Offerings