How to Register

Registration is easy – go to How to Register
Once registered, email ol@georgiancollege.ca and your confirmation letter will be sent to you via Georgian Student email
Fees are subject to change.

Confirmation Letters

All students enrolled with OntarioLearn will receive a confirmation letter from Georgian College in the form of an email to your STUDENT EMAIL. In your confirmation letter it will explain all aspects of your OntarioLearn course. Please make sure you are reading this email in its entirety.

Student Email Log-in

Go to mymail.georgiancollege.ca
Your email account will be your student_number@student.georgianc.on.ca (ie. 012345678@student.georgianc.on.ca).
Your domain\\user name is your student\\student number. (ie. student\\012345678).
Your password will be your birthdate (YYMMDD) unless you have changed it.

Course Material

If your OntarioLearn course requires course material to be purchased, please go to georgianstores.com/georgian/site_ontario_learn.asp
On rare occasions a course offered through OntarioLearn may need to be canceled. Therefore, please do not open any textbooks or software in case you need to return your learning materials.
For more information regarding Georgian Stores – Bear Essentials’ return policy, please visit their website.

Final Marks

All Georgian registered OntarioLearn student marks are posted in Banner. Vist the Banner login page.
Your user ID is your student number
Your PIN is your birthdate (YYMMDD) unless you have logged in previously and changed it.
Choose ‘Academic Records’ then choose ‘Display Academic Transcripts (Unofficial)’

* Please keep in mind that Instructors have three weeks after the exam period finishes to post final grades to the OntarioLearn grade system

Computer Requirements

You will need regular access to a computer with an Internet connection and Web access for the duration of your course. High-speed broadband access (LAN, Cable or DSL) is highly recommended for the optimal learning experience. Some courses have more advanced learning system requirements. PC: Windows XP/ Vista/ Win7, 8, 8.1 Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or higher
MAC: OS X Firefox, Chrome, Safari

* Some courses may require a Windows operating system to operate

Internet Access

Students must access and use their own Internet account to connect to their online courses. An Internet account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing SLIP/PPP connections is required (freenet accounts will not work). High speed is recommended for the ideal learning experience. However, for the patient learner, a 56k dial-up connection will work. Cable or DLS connections will also work.

Web Browser

A graphical browser is required. In some instances, it may be necessary for some users to upgrade their Web browser programs. Technical assistance is available through Embanet.


Most courses require word processing software. Individual courses may have additional technical and/or software requirements. This may include video or audio playing software or a specific software application.
In some instances, it may be necessary for users to upgrade their Flash or Java versions. Technical assistance is available through Embanet.

Other Devices

Depending on the learning management system being used to deliver your course, you may access and interact with most course elements, readings, multimedia, email and discussions through tablets and smartphones. While tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices may allow for some completion of coursework, they are not guaranteed to work in all areas. Please ensure you have a PC- or Mac-based computer available to complete coursework.

We recommend that students do not attempt quizzes when using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, due to compatibility issues.