OntarioLearn academic upgrading

Online academic upgrading is available via OntarioLearn to residents of Ontario. Georgian College currently offers three intakes – January, April, and September. These intakes are free.

For more information, please visit acedistancedelivery.ca or send an email to ol@georgiancollege.ca.

Before students can enrol in ACE online, they must first complete a prerequisite course called Learn to Learn. This course is needed to ensure students have the necessary academic, personal, and computer skills to be successful in online learning. Students can enrol in Learn to Learn by visiting acedistancedelivery.ca and clicking “L2L Registration”.

When students have completed Learn to Learn, they are eligible to enrol in an actual upgrading course. There are only a limited number of seats available in each course for each intake, so a wait list will be utilized. Students will be provided with instructions on registering upon completion of Learn to Learn.

Looking for in-person upgrading options?

For information on in-class academic upgrading options, please visit Georgian’s Academic and Career Preparation (ACP) page.

ACE online courses are 22 weeks in duration, but many students are able to get through the material sooner.

Georgian offers the following online ACE courses:

Course descriptions and equivalencies to comparable OSSD courses, can be found at acedistancedelivery.ca/courses.php. It is recommended that students find out what the admission requirements are for the program they are interested in before registering for ACE courses.

Students registered to take an ACE distance course through the tuition-free option managed by the College Sector Committee who have not logged on within 13 days of the start date will be removed from the course. If you are removed from a course, you will not be able to register for any further ACE distance courses as a tuition-free student.

For information on in-class academic upgrading options, please visit Georgian’s Academic and Career Preparation (ACP) page.