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We’ve listened to the demand and created more online programming just for you! Check back frequently as we continue to update our online programming.

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Become a specialist in this high-demand industry. Gain knowledge in the specialized service within the automotive industry with this Ontario college certificate.

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Big Data Analytics

Graduate job-ready in an in-demand field with this graduate certificate that can be completed entirely ONLINE. Prepare to succeed, this program provides hands-on experience on the latest and most advanced Big Data Analytics tools and programs, by engaging on real industry projects. Accelerate your success!

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This online Ontario college certificate program let’s you graduate with a host of valuable skills, perfect for small businesses. Fast track and finish in four semesters. Start today!

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Build a solid foundation in business with this diploma. Study part-time and create your own schedule allowing you to balance family, friends, work and your education. Register course by course. Start today!

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Business Management

Become a leader in the broad and exciting field of business. Build on your diploma and further your education and career opportunities with this part-time graduate certificate. Benefit from our cutting-edge, relevant, industry-focused curriculum. Gain specialized career expertise and study your way; choose to attend in person or study online with our GC Flex delivery model – your choice!

A person in a kitchen setting leaning over a counter with fresh fruit and veggies next to them

Food and Nutrition Management

This graduate certificate program can be completed ONLINE and gives you the specialization you need to stay competitive and land your dream job. Complete the program in three years through evening classes. It also includes two field placements. Don’t break the bank and register course by course.

A person in a white chef coat leaning next to a silver pot in a kitchen

Food Service Worker

Graduate job-ready in an in-demand field and prepare to succeed. This program develops the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective member of a food service team in health-care facilities.

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Human Resources Management

This part-time graduate certificate program gives you the specialization you need to land your dream job. Complement your degree or diploma and gain a competitive advantage.

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Leadership Development

Ideal for aspiring front-line and mid-level managers wanting to enhance their leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. Participants build on existing skills and experience and apply those skills to workplace situations. Apply now!

A person standing next to a board room table as they and those sitting around the table smile and clap their hands

Management Essentials

Enhance your management skills. This program focuses on the needs of leaders and managers in today’s challenging, competitive and dynamic environment. It covers a wide range of topics and focuses on the skills used by managers in everyday decision making and problem solving.

Two people in an office setting wearing business attire smiling while looking at a tablet together

Marketing Management

Drive real business results as a brand or marketing manager. This graduate certificate will position you for success in the energetic, ever-changing field of marketing. Combine analytical and creative marketing approaches that result in business growth. Learn more and apply today!

A group of people in business attire sitting at a computer desk, wearing headsets

Medical Transcription

Learn the essential elements of medical science, communications skills, and transcription techniques with this online Ontario college certificate. Apply now!

A mental health-care provider listening as she sits across from a younger patient expressing their feelings and talking with their hands

Mental Health – Interprofessional Practice

With this graduate certificate program, prepare to make a difference with a career in mental health. Support mental health, well-being and recovery. Enter a growing industry with a demand for skilled, compassionate care providers. Get hands-on learning with a clinical placement.

a person holding another's hands to comfort them

Mourning, Grief and Bereavement

Graduates of this unique online program will have the skills and experience to better understand, support and care for those facing or coping with loss and death. Learn more today!

A group of four people wearing business attire smiling while sitting at a table looking at a laptop

Project Management

All industries need effective project managers. Learn the knowledge, processes, tools and techniques to become a successful project leader in this graduate certificate program. Study part-time and finish in just two years by taking three courses each semester!

a person with brown hair and glasses standing in a workshop smiling with their arms

Small Business Trades Management

Build on your technical expertise and work experience in skilled trades with this fully online certificate program. Develop administration and leadership skills to start or manage a trades-related business.

Two recreation workers aiding two elderly patients with exercises and stretches

Recreation and Leisure Services

This diploma is fully online, so you can balance your busy life. Don’t break the bank and register course by course, start today. Take advantage of our fast-track pathway – your experience counts!

A group of four elderly people sitting in a row and using arm exercise bands

Therapeutic Recreation

Work within recreation, health or social service delivery systems serving individuals with illness or disabilities. Complete this graduate certificate program in just 2 ½ years.

Other online programs

Jenny Wilcox, Manager of Part-time Studies
If you are looking to complete an entire program online, we have several options! From working in recreation in long-term care or a in municipality, working from home with your own business, or needing a credential to get that promotion, you can find something at Georgian. You can study part-time or full-time in most of our online programs. Studying online gives you that added flexibility to work while you learn – apply today! Jenny Wilcox, Manager of Part-time Studies

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