Paralegal Understand the general principles of a paralegal practice. Graduate prepared to apply to the Law Society of Upper Canada to become a licensed paralegal.

General information

Program code
3 Semesters (1 Year)
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Intake information

Start date Campus
Fall 2018 Barrie
Winter 2019 Barrie

Program description

In this program students acquire an understanding of the general principles of law, and gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience in ethics and a small business practice. Taking the program prepares students to apply to become a licensed paralegal in accordance with the requirements of the Law Society Act. A licensed paralegal may be self–employed, offering fee for service legal assistance, without the supervision of a lawyer, or may be a salaried employee in various legal environments.

Admission information

Admission requirements

- Post-secondary diploma or degree; three years of post-secondary education is recommended

Selection process

Applicants must also submit a 500 word letter of intent explaining the reason for their interest in the program.

Note: College diploma level courses cannot be used towards exemptions in this program, as those courses are a requirement for admission to the program. Any requests for course exemptions must be based on equivalent courses completed at the Graduate Certificate level. Students with prior learning through academic, paid or volunteer experience may challenge courses through the College’s Prior Learning Assessment process.


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Mandatory Courses

  • LEGL1000 Administrative Law
  • LEGL1001 Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • LEGL1002 Advocacy
  • LEGL1003 Creditor and Debtor Law
  • LEGL1004 Criminal Summary Conviction Procedures
  • LEGL1005 Employment Law
  • LEGL1006 Evidence and the Litigation Process
  • LEGL1007 Immigration and Refugee Law
  • LEGL1008 Introduction to the Canadian Legal System
  • LEGL1009 Legal Research and Writing
  • LEGL1010 Practice Management/Operating a Small Business
  • LEGL1011 Provincial Offences/Motor Vehicle Offences
  • LEGL1012 Residential Landlord and Tenant Law
  • LEGL1013 Small Claims Court
  • LEGL1014 Torts and Contracts
  • LEGL1015 Tribunal Practice and Procedure
  • LEGL1016 WSIB/Insurance and Accident Benefits
  • COMG1001 Communication/Writing
  • ETHS1001 Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • ACCN1000 Legal Accounting
  • CMPT1000 Legal Computer Applications

Field Placement

  • LEGL1017 Field Training