An AI technologist with short, brown hair and glasses using a controller to program a machine with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – Architecture, Design, and Implementation

Study online! Become an expert in one of today’s fastest-growing and transformational technologies with this graduate certificate program. Solve complex AI challenges and power next-generation businesses through machine intelligence. Apply today to gain the specialization you need. Choose how you study – in person or online – with our GC Flex delivery.

A young child laying on the ground next to a car parking toy mat

Autism and Behavioural Sciences

Study online! This program is fully online, so you can balance your busy life. Don’t break the bank and register course by course. Become an expert in the field of autism and behavioural science for application within the autism and children’s service sector. Take the next step toward a rewarding career today!

A person holding a cellphone that includes analytical charts and data on the screen

Big Data Analytics

Study online! Graduate job-ready in an in-demand field with this graduate certificate now delivered through GC Flex – study in person or online, your choice! Get hands-on experience on the latest and most advanced big data analytics tools and programs.

A group of four people wearing business attire sitting at a boardroom table and taking notes

Business Management

Study online! Become a leader in the broad and exciting field of business. Benefit from our cutting-edge, relevant, industry-focused curriculum. Gain specialized career expertise and study your way; choose to attend in person or study online with our GC Flex delivery model – your choice!

Three content creators strategizing with colourful sticky notes on a white board

Digital Content Creation and Strategy

Get career ready through this graduate certificate delivered at our downtown Barrie location. Through a combination of practical and theory-based learning methods, you develop skills in the production and management of social media, communications, video and audio production, photography and web design. Graduates are suited for careers as digital content creators, social media creator and an influencer and/or strategist. Most courses are delivered in person.

A person in a kitchen setting leaning over a counter with fresh fruit and veggies next to them

Food and Nutrition Management

Study online! This graduate certificate program gives you the specialization you need to stay competitive and land your dream job. The program is delivered through GC Flex – study in person or online, your choice! Gain hands-on experience with two field placements. Don’t break the bank and register course by course. Available fall 2024!

Three people in business attire sitting at a boardroom table with a laptop, paperwork and coffee

Human Resources Management

This part-time graduate certificate program gives you the specialization you need to land your dream job. Complement your degree or diploma and gain a competitive advantage. Apply today to make an organizational difference in a growing field. You can choose to study in person or online with this program.

Information systems security student


Study online! This graduate certificate is designed to focus on the core techniques, concepts, and architectures of mobile applications. Learn to resolve common mobile programming challenges, while gaining tangible experience in developing mobile applications. Choose to study online or in person with our GC Flex delivery. Accelerate your career and apply today!

Kitchen and Bath Designer sitting at a desk using AutoCAD software on a laptop and colour swatches to design a kitchen remodel

Kitchen and Bath Design

Study online! Be a specialist in this high-demand industry. Gain knowledge in the specialized service within the residential interior decorating and design professions. This graduate certificate is offered at the Barrie Campus through GC Flex delivery – study in person or online. Accelerate your career today!

Two people in an office setting wearing business attire smiling while looking at a tablet together

Marketing Management

Study online! Drive real business results as a brand or marketing manager. This graduate certificate will position you for success in the energetic, ever-changing field of marketing. Combine analytical and creative marketing approaches that result in business growth. With GC Flex delivery, study in person or online – your choice! Learn more and apply today.

A mental health-care provider listening as she sits across from a younger patient expressing their feelings and talking with their hands

Mental Health – Interprofessional Practice

Study online! With this graduate certificate program, prepare to make a difference with a career in mental health. Support mental health, well-being and recovery. Enter a growing industry with a demand for skilled, compassionate care providers. Get hands-on learning with a clinical placement.

Person's hands holding a cellphone and pinning a sticky note to a whiteboard

Mobile Application Development

Study online! This graduate certificate program will prepare you to work independently, or as a member of a team creating, designing and coding mobile applications using a multitude of programming languages on a variety of mobile platforms. Choose to study online or in person with our GC Flex delivery.

A group of four people wearing business attire smiling while sitting at a table looking at a laptop

Project Management

Study online! All industries need effective project managers. Learn the knowledge, processes, tools and techniques to become a successful project leader in this graduate certificate program. Study part-time and choose between in person or online with our GC Flex delivery – your choice!

A Research Analyst with brown hair and glasses, wearing a suit and tie, sitting at a desk with a computer, binder and calculator

Research Analyst

In this graduate certificate, learn to conduct applied research in sectors such as marketing, tourism, public affairs, education, health and social service agencies. Apply today to gain the specialization you need!

A group of four elderly people sitting in a row and using arm exercise bands

Therapeutic Recreation

Study online! Graduates of this ONLINE program are eligible to become registered members of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (R/TRO DIP). Work within recreation, health or social service delivery systems serving individuals with illness or disabilities. Complete this graduate certificate program online in just 2 ½ years!

Jenny Wilcox Manager of Part-time Progamming
Our part-time graduate certificates are perfect if you already have a diploma or degree and are looking for that competitive edge. They are career-focused and deepen your knowledge in your chosen field. We have lots of opportunities! Our flexible delivery schedules allow people to choose courses and design their own schedule – study during the day, in the evening, or online.Jenny Wilcox, Manager of Part-time Studies

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