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Digital Content Creation and Strategy prepares you to capture ideas and deliver effective messages in today’s media-rich business environment. Through a combination of practical and theory-based learning methods, you develop skills in the production and management of social media, communications, video and audio production, photography, and web design. Focusing on user experience and design functionality, you gain and develop skills through a combination of independent and collaborative projects applied in the context of content creation, strategy and curation. Ultimately, such skills can be applied to almost any sector that informs, engages or educates an audience.

Please note: Most of this program is delivered in the downtown Barrie location (5 Ross St.) with Student Services offered at the main Barrie Campus. The Arch and Helen Brown Design and Digital Arts Centre is located in the downtown area. This convenient location means that commuting to our campus is quick and easy. You’ll learn in our fully equipped studios using industry standard tools, and you’ll have the opportunity to network with leaders in your field and real-world clients.

Review program admission requirements and information about career opportunities.

A digital content creators sitting at a desk with coffee and two monitors, editing a video using editing software

Meet our academic team

Learn from passionate, experienced professors

As a Georgian digital content creation and strategy student, you’ll learn from and be mentored by dedicated professors who built their careers in the video, photograhoy and web development sectors and combine academic theory with vast industry knowledge.

At Georgian College, we believe in embracing diversity and delivering relevant content designed to ensure students attain gainful employment in the field of content creation. We believe that having inclusive and diverse classrooms enriches everyone’s experience and drives innovation.

Keith Connell, MBA, Ph.D. Student – Program Coordinator, Full-Time Faculty

Learning spaces

For best results, please use a VR headset.1

Why study Digital Content Creation part-time at Georgian?

State-of-the-art digital content creation instructional labs

Develop your skills with:

  • professional camera equipment and facilities for true experiential learning
  • a digital content creation and virtual reality (VR) simulator
  • three Mac computer labs with the best-in-class software pre-loaded at your disposal including the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite
  • professional podcast studio means that you are able to create content using the newest technology and apply it to your career

Apply the content to your career immediately

While studying part-time, you will:

  • gain exposure to a variety of career opportunities as a content creator
  • develop knowledge and skills that support a managerial career path
  • improve your organization’s online performance through current and relevant strategies
  • learn while you earn – our classes can be strategically planned to offer specific content each semester

Small class sizes

Georgian’s small class sizes provide you with a more personal learning environment, more one-on-one interactions with your professors, and a chance to connect and collaborate with classmates.

Expert faculty

Learn from seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in marketing and the arts, enriched by years of industry experience, comprehensive education, and valuable network connections.

Industry connections

    Annual industry networking night and speaker series

    The 2024 edition of the Digital Content Creation and Strategy program’s Networking Night served as a huge hit. Students engaged with over 57 college dignitaries, local businesses, and decision-makers. This level of community involvement means that students are able to network with businesses in the field of interest or establish collabortive agreements with other businesses in the area.

    Speaker Series 2024

    We had 12 guest speakers come in to talk to the students about their craft, the industry in general and most importantly, form positive relationships between students and local businesses in a mentor/mentee format. This means that you or your employees are forging new businesses relationships while learning.

    Study DGCC at Georgian to gain experience and forge relationships!

    • network with industry professionals to learn the newest industry trends
    • gain valuable skills associated with demonstrating portfolios and interview techniques
    • hear about success strategies from current industry professionals
    • develop mentor relationships

    Did you know?

    More businesses rely on digital content than everGeorgian College Chevron

    Businesses are looking to the online community more, which means the demand for content creators has never been higher.

    Consumers are looking to the Internet every day to help with purchase decisionsGeorgian College Chevron

    In fact, 1.9 billion people are searching for their information – EVERY DAY. Businsesses need creators to capture this market.

    Online use is climbing exponentiallyGeorgian College Chevron

    Adults are spending more than 18 hours a week online. That means the need for creators is rising with every viewer.

    The demand for video engagement is skyrocketingGeorgian College Chevron

    As more mixed-media social media platforms are launched, people are consuming more video for information and to be entertained.

    Businesses need strategists specializing in online activities for survivalGeorgian College Chevron

    There is a saying with online strategists – “If you can’t be found online, you aren’t in business.” This program prepare the student to help businesses stay relevant in a changing world.

    Social media commerce is expected to reach $8.5 trillion by 2030. Will your business be ready?

    Kristy Snyder – Forbes Advisor
    Infographic from Google on online consumption of consumers

    Source: Online consumption infographic. Think with Google.

    Avery Thompson is a student at Georgian College in the DGCC program.
    I feel that this program has given me skills needed to be successful in creating my own business. I have made lasting connections with my peers which has allowed me to receive feedback and implement it into my work. I am excited for my upcoming semesters in the DGCC program.Avery Thompson (Part-Time DGCC Student)

    What are my career opportunities as a content creator?

    With a post-graduate certificate in digital content creation and strategy, students are able to pursue a career in:

    • Social Media Manager: Managing social media platforms for brands, including content creation, strategy planning, audience engagement, and analyzing social media performance.
    • Content Strategist: Developing content strategies that align with a company’s business objectives, overseeing content requirements, and creating content governance.
    • SEO Specialist: Optimizing website content for search engines to increase visibility and engagement. This role involves keyword research, content analysis, and link-building strategies.
    • Digital Marketing Manager: Overseeing all aspects of a digital marketing plan, from social media campaigns to email marketing and online advertising.
    • Video Producer: Producing video content for various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, or corporate websites. This includes scriptwriting, shooting, and editing.
    • Copywriter: Writing compelling content for various formats, including websites, email campaigns, advertisements, and social media posts.
    • Influencer Marketing Specialist: Collaborating with influencers to promote products or services, managing relationships, and measuring the impact of influencer campaigns.

    Is the digital content creation and strategy program right for you or your staff?

    Learn video scripting, recording, and editing in our professional photo/video studio. While you are here, learn podcasting, social media promotion strategies, and web design and strategies!
    Video scripting, recording and editing by 2024 DGCC graduate Amardeep Kaur. 2
    Thumbnail designed and developed by 2024 DGCC graduate Heath Lane.3

    Course information

    Course offerings and equivalents

    Currently available courses are linked below.

    Content Creation Strategies
    DGCC 1006
    Digital Photography
    DGCC 1003
    Introduction to Video Production
    DGCC 1000
    Media Trends and Approaches
    DGCC 1007
    Principles of Visual Media
    DGCC 1005
    Still Image Editing
    DGCC 1001
    Web Design
    DGCC 1002
    Writing for Social Media
    DGCC 1004

    How to apply to the part-time Digital Content Creation and Strategy graduate certificate program

    Apply online through

    1. Make sure you meet program admission requirements
    2. Complete an online application using the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) using the part-time program code
    3. When registration opens,  select the course(s) from the program webpage course listing and follow the prompt steps to register and pay

    Need help with your application?

    Watch a video tutorial

    Contact the Office of the Registrar

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Finance and fees

    Are part-time students eligible for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)?Georgian College Chevron

    As a part-time student, you may be eligible for OSAP funding, depending on the number of courses you take per semester.

    For more information about OSAP, including eligibility requirements and how to apply, visit the OSAP/financial aid webpage.

    What is the cost of the program?Georgian College Chevron

    As a part-time student, you can take one to three courses per semester, paying on a course-by-course basis.

    For course fee information, select a course from the course information section of this page.

    Online learning

    What is an OntarioLearn (ODE) course?Georgian College Chevron

    These courses are offered through OntarioLearn. Visit the OntarioLearn webpage to learn more.

    OntarioLearn courses are set up as equivalents to the Georgian courses. You can choose to take the ODE courses or the Georgian courses.

    When a Georgian course isn’t available to be delivered online, we’ve listed an OntarioLearn course in the delivery schedule. The majority of the Georgian courses have ODE equivalents set up. You can choose to take either course.

    Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

    Can I transfer credits or prior life or work experience to fast track my studies?Georgian College Chevron

    Previous postsecondary education: If you’ve completed courses, or some or all of a program, at another accredited postsecondary institution, you may be able to transfer all or some of your courses into a related program at Georgian.

    Relevant work or life experience: If you have relevant work and/or life experience that relates to your program(s) of interest at Georgian, Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is an academic credit option.

    To learn more about transfer credit and PLAR, visit the Credit for Prior Learning webpage.

    Do you have questions about studying Digital Content Creation and Strategy part-time?

    Questions about the program?

    Tammy Burke-Marson, Programming Support Assistant

    1. The imagery (by Tony Pickard of the DGCC program) in this section has been created using the equipment taught in the DGCC program. ↩︎
    2. Amardeep Kaur is a graduate of the DGCC program (2024). This video is a project-based assignment. ↩︎
    3. Heath Lane is a graduate of the DGCC program (2024). The thumbnail is a part of the capstone project for the program the student undertook. ↩︎