Stage Three: Approval Process

The Dean/Associate Dean is responsible for approving the revised Program Outline, program mapping, program tracking, and Program Renewal Summary within the Curriculum Information Management system (CIM) on behalf of the academic area. At this point, the Program Renewal is submitted to Academic Council (AC) for approval.

The Dean/Associate Dean or program renewal faculty lead submits the completed renewal proposal to the Office of Academic Quality (OAQ) at least three weeks in advance of the scheduled AC meeting via CIM. This gives the OAQ time to review the documents to ensure they meet Ministry and curriculum system requirements. If anything needs clarification, the proposal may be rolled back through CIM to the academic area for revision. The proposal can then be resubmitted through CIM, and distributed to the members of AC no later than one week prior to the meeting.

The Dean/Associate Dean and faculty lead present the renewal at AC for discussion and approval. If there are any concerns, the team may have to revise the documentation and resubmit for approval at the following AC meeting. If there are no concerns, Academic Council approves the updated program documentation.

The OAQ finalizes the new program information in CIM, and triggers notifications to all relevant stakeholders.

Course Development and instructional design should continue.