Stage One: Preparation for Program Renewal

Before the work of Program Renewal begins, there is some necessary preparation that must be completed by the dean/associate dean.

Assemble a Program Renewal Team

Program Renewal depends upon a team of academic experts working collaboratively. This team, assembled by the dean/associate dean, includes the dean/associate dean, the renewal faculty lead (often the program co-ordinator), faculty experts in the area, and a member of the Office of Academic Quality. The team should meet weekly or bi-weekly for the duration of the project.

The project renewal team also works closely with internal and external stakeholders during different stages of the process. Examples include:

  • Program Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • industry partners
  • graduates and students
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Co-operative Education and Career Success
  • Liberal Arts
  • Library Commons
  • Information Technology

For a complete list of stakeholders, refer to the Integrated Planning and Stakeholder Consultation chart.

Attend the Program Renewal Workshop

Once the program teams are assembled, they will be notified about attending the Program Renewal Workshop. Using a community-of-practice concept and a blended, online learning model, the workshop helps participants with curriculum design and development principles, working with internal and external stakeholders, using evidence-based decision making, and best practices of program renewal.

Once all of the up-front work is complete, teams move onto Stage Two: Curriculum Renewal.

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