Stage Three: Internal Approval Process

Once the team has renewed their curriculum and the Program Outline, Program Map and Program Tracking are ready for Academic Council, teams should have a meeting with their Program Advisory Committee (PAC) to share and discuss any changes that are being proposed. In addition, for degree programs, the minutes from the PAC meeting indicating support for the curriculum are important documentation that will be provided to external assessors during the renewal process, including the Program Evaluation Committee (Stage Four), and the PEQAB Quality Assessment Panel (Stage Six).

Program Advisory Committee

Prior to submitting program changes for approval by Academic Council (AC), program teams should bring the proposed changes to the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) for final consultation and to capture official support for the changes in minutes. These will ultimately be included in the submission to PEQAB for consent renewal.

Academic Council

The Dean/Associate Dean is responsible for approving the revised Program Outline, Program Map, Program Tracking, Detailed Curriculum Map and Program Renewal Report on behalf of the academic area. At this point, the documents are brought to Academic Council (AC) for approval.

The Dean/Associate Dean submits all final documents to the Office of Academic Quality (OAQ) at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled AC meeting. This gives the OAQ time to review the documents to ensure they meet Ministry and curriculum system requirements. If anything needs clarification, the documents may be sent back to the academic area for revision. The documents can then be resubmitted, and distributed to the members of AC no later than one week prior to the meeting.

The Dean/Associate Dean and faculty lead present the renewal at AC for discussion and approval. If there are any concerns, the team may have to revise the documents and bring them back for approval at the following meeting. If the program has support as presented, AC approves the updated program documentation.

The OAQ enters the new program information into the curriculum management system, and keeps all approved documents on file.

The internal renewal processes will inform the PEQAB Program Review Procedure.

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