Stage Seven: Marketing Cycle

Accurate, consistent, and timely information is required well in advance of the renewed program launch in order to attract students to the college through high school visits, college open houses, employers, the program guide, Georgian’s website, and promotion on Ontario Colleges. The information is also necessary for the college to:

  • establish tuition and program ancillary fees
  • register students
  • schedule classes and assign space
  • enable students to plan their educational paths to graduation
  • allow students to select their courses by semester
  • determine graduation eligibility

Upon Academic Council approval, there are three critical deadlines:

  1. June: OAQ submits the revised program information to Marketing for inclusion in the college program guide
  2. September: the Office of the Registrar provides the information to Ontario Colleges for promotion
  3. September of the following year: the revised curriculum is launched (e.g., a revised program loaded into Ontario Colleges in September of 2017 will offer the new curriculum September 2018)