Stage One: Preparation for Program Renewal

The process of program renewal for a degree program should begin two calendar years before the degree consent expires. See the Program Renewal Checklist-Honours Bachelor’s Degrees to stay on track.

Assemble a Program Renewal Team

Program renewal depends upon a team of academic experts working collaboratively. This team, assembled by the Dean/Associate Dean, includes the Dean/Associate Dean, program renewal team lead, program coordinator, faculty experts in the area, and a member of the Office of Academic Quality to be consulted as necessary. The team should meet weekly or biweekly for the duration of the project.

The project renewal team also works closely with internal and external stakeholders during different stages of the process. Examples include

  • Program Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Program Evaluation Committee (PEC)
  • industry partners
  • graduates and students
  • Office of the Registrar
  • external academics
  • Coop
  • Liberal Arts
  • Library Commons
  • Information Technology

For a list of complete stakeholders, refer to the Integrated Planning and Stakeholders Consultation process.

Consult with the Office of Academic Quality

Once the program team is identified, members will meet with an Academic Quality Lead who will help facilitate the process of internal consultations, provide an overview of the degree renewal stages, and share best practices and procedures for curriculum renewal.

Once all of the up-front work is complete, teams move onto Stage Two: Curriculum Renewal.

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