Business Administration – Automotive Marketing alumnus setting new standard in mobility transportation solutions

Close up head shot of Business Administration Automotive Marketing alumnus Peter Grande at MV-1 Canada headquartersMany Canadian municipalities have formed accessibility advisory committees to help their mayors and councils recognize and address the physical barriers that impede people of all abilities with mobility challenges.

Business Administration – Automotive Marketing alumnus Peter Grande (President and Co-founder of MV1 Canada) is helping them meet their mandate by providing factory-built accessible vehicles that meet and exceed all current safety standards.

Peter is continually in front of city and town councils in Toronto and across Canada speaking about safety standards, industry regulations and accessible vehicles. He speaks at conferences and lend his voice to the conversation about fleet diversity, vehicle testing and accessibility in Canada and around the world.

He’s also helping families achieve a level of autonomy they can’t get with converted vans.

Kyle and Paula Watson, parents to twin 14-year-old boys with cerebral palsy, say the vehicle has liberated their family.

“Finding a vehicle to accommodate two very large wheelchairs posed a huge challenge. Now we can go where we want together,” says Paula.

MV-1 Canada is now the exclusive Canadian distributor of the vehicle and Peter has since built a network of 17 dealers and more than 625 service locations across the country.

In the short time the MV-1 vehicle has been in the marketplace, more taxi, airport limousine and public transit organizations are using them, including Barrie Transit – they provided thousands of rides to passengers in the specialized vehicles the first month it was rolled out in that market.

Peter’s company isn’t just helping individuals and families; many businesses, universities, towns, cities and non-profit organizations are using the MV-1 vehicle to create a culture of accessibility and move their clients around.

MV-1 Canada has sold vehicles to 500 people across Canada over the past three years alone, and their clients are really going places. The average MV-1 drivers puts on between 30,000 and 35,000 kilometres a year, which means MV-1 owners have driven a cumulative 15 million kilometres since 2013.

The numbers are impressive, but Peter is more proud of the fact that MV-1 Canada maintains relationships with its clients after they drive their vehicles off the lot. Many have connected over social media and the company’s Facebook page has become a lifeline for drivers.

“At MV-1 Canada, we’re not just selling cars, we’re selling a lifestyle and creating networks and support systems for clients and their families to share their experiences,” says Peter.

Peter was nominated for a prestigious 2016 Colleges Ontario Premier’s Awards in the Business category for helping set a new standard in mobility transportation solutions.


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