Team building with themed virtual events

The holidays are approaching. Some people are back to work in person, but many are still working from home. With the gathering restrictions tightening again, there may not be bandwidth to get together as a team in person, so it may feel like fun celebrations are off-limits. This doesn’t have to be true! It’s easy to leverage your existing virtual meeting platforms to create fun, engaging opportunities for your team to reconnect.

With Halloween coming up, we’ll tell you how to plan a spooky celebration for your team, but these tips can be used for any holiday!

1. Set a theme for your team

As an event professional, you already know that a theme can help make your event feel cohesive, and it’s no different for an online event. If you’re using a platform that allows virtual backgrounds, using these can be a great way to “decorate” your meeting. You can either search for some Halloween backgrounds online, or even make your own! We made some you can try out as well. Spooky music is also a fun way to set the mood while you’re waiting for everyone to join the call. Just remember to turn the music off when you’re ready to begin the meeting, as the audio could interfere with your team trying to talk to each other.

grey background with pumpkins, a haunted house, trick or treat sign and dark clouds with lightening cartoon graphics
a purple background with spiders and spiderweb cartoons throughout
teal background with potions, a crystal ball and tarrot card cartoon graphics

2. Get your game face on

Games for virtual gatherings can be difficult to decide on. So many of our favourite games become complicated with camera lag, audio problems, or being unable to pass items to each other. But options are still available. Simple games for a Halloween get-together could include trivia about scary movies, or spooky mad libs. With smaller teams, you could create a Halloween scavenger hunt, where team members have to find items in their houses from a list and bring it back to the group (e.g., a candy bar, a Halloween decoration, a silly hat). The games don’t have to be complex. They just have to be fun. 

3. Dress to impress

What’s more Halloween-y than a costume party?

Whether it’s a competition or just for fun, having your team dress up for your call will add an element of silly fun and help break the ice. Some team members may opt for a witch hat or cat ears, while you may discover that others are talented makeup artists or have a costume trunk you would never have known about otherwise.

woman with pink hair and pink lipstick wearing a black with hat and a fishnet-sleeved top

4. Treat yourself

Halloween – like most other holidays – is very food-centric. Encourage your team to bring their favourite sweet treat to enjoy during your team building event. Maybe have them each say why it’s their favourite. If you have a budget for this engagement opportunity, why not try virtual trick-or-treating? Send each member of your team some sort of digital reward or gift card to hand out to another team member. Have team members answer riddles from each other to earn their prize! This game encourages your team to talk to each other one-on-one and ensures that everyone gets a small treat to lift their spirits.

Use these tips for a spooky Halloween meeting with your team, or change them up for and of the upcoming winter holidays.

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