7 ways to make sure your event is environmentally conscious

Hosting an environmentally conscious event in Barrie doesn’t have to be complicated. In addition to engaging your event attendees, team and sponsors in your eco-friendly efforts, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Choose a Central Location

Is your event in a central location to where most of your participants are traveling? The closer your location, the more likely it will be that people commute together, take public transit, walk or ride a bike to your event.

At Georgian College, our location is conveniently located near public transit, and we offer on-site accommodation from May to August for those looking to spend the night.

2. Have Recycling & Compost Bins Available

Your event attendees need options for properly disposing of food and other items. Be sure to provide recycling and compost bins, with clear instructions as to which items go where.

recycling bin

3. Avoid The Use of Plastic

Many event co-ordinators will purchase plastic water bottles to give out to attendees, as well as plastic cups, plates, and cutlery. When it comes to protecting the environment, and our wildlife, plastic is a big problem.

Instead, consider giving each of your attendees branded, reusable water bottles or offer water pitchers. When it comes to a place setting, choose glass and metal flatware that can be reused.

water glasses and two glass water dispensers

4. Limit Use of Lighting & Electricity

If you don’t need all of the lights on in your venue, consider shutting some of them off. If you’re holding a large conference with several breakout rooms, consider shutting off the lights, projectors and other equipment when those rooms are not in use.

5. Serve Local Food & Beverages

Transportation is a leading contributor of air pollution. Therefore, the shorter the distance your food and beverages must travel, the better they will be for the environment!

vegetables and meats on platters

6. Go Paperless

In the digital age, your schedule, guest list and speech can all be loaded onto a laptop or tablet, saving paper, while still being ready at your fingertips!

7. Don’t Be Wasteful

If it’s not needed, don’t buy it, don’t use it and don’t waste it. For example, if name cards and pre-filling glasses with water aren’t crucial to the success of your event, opt out of these small details. In addition, try your best to limit the need for additional dish and cloth napkin washing.

For some great examples of environmentally conscious events, check out:

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To learn how Georgian College can help to support your GREEN GOALS, contact us today:


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