5 reasons to have a micro wedding

As we enter into wedding season, it’s no surprise that the landscape of weddings has changed drastically over the past year. COVID restrictions in many regions have kept the attendance limit at weddings much lower than most people would usually want, and in some cases prohibited gathering entirely. Micro weddings have been a saving grace for couples who don’t want or are unable to delay their nuptials. But a pandemic is not the only reason to consider a micro wedding. Some couples have a much smaller network of friends and family, some want to be budget-conscious, and some want to elope but their mothers just won’t stand for it. Whatever reason you’re considering a micro wedding, here are some benefits that will make you feel great about your choice!

1. Unique venues

white table and chairs decorated for a wedding

One benefit to a smaller wedding is a wider range of venue options. Many traditional venues have a minimum number of guests for their wedding packages, so your micro wedding is a great reason to explore other options. Have you always wanted to get married in a library or a national park? What about your parent’s backyard or the restaurant where you and your partner went on your first date? A smaller guest list opens up amazing opportunities to have your wedding in a place that is meaningful to you as a couple, and can make the day that much more special.

2. More bang for your budget

A smaller wedding has the perk of coming with a smaller price tag, if that’s the route you choose to go. A shorter guest list means less rentals for tables and seating, less people to feed, and likely a smaller bar bill. With the average wedding in Canada costing over $29,000, being able to drive that number down is a huge deal. On the other hand, some couples may want to stick to their larger budget and use it to give their guests a VIP experience. Maybe you’ll opt to add a course to your meal or get really creative with your décor. Some couples with guest lists on the smaller side are even opting to pay for their guests’ rooms and transportation.

3. Intimate guest experience

Have you ever looked at your guest list and thought, “I’m never going to get a chance to talk to all of these people,” or worse, “I don’t even know this person”? Having a micro wedding can help mitigate both of those problems. With less guests in attendance, there’s a better chance of you getting to spend some actual quality time with your loved ones – or at least much more time than the customary drop-in at their table. The confines of a micro wedding also mean there is no room for obligation invites. If you are only inviting 30 people to your wedding, it’s much easier to tell your mom’s great-aunt’s boyfriend who you have never had a conversation with that there is just no room at your venue.

wedding cake and two champagne glasses

4. Less stress

A smaller crowd always means less coordination in some way or another. Whether it’s a smaller venue so they are more flexible with your needs, or a more streamline catering experience because there are 20 of you instead of 200, these factors can relieve a lot of anxiety. Having only your very nearest and dearest there may also mean you feel less pressure for everything to be perfect the entire time. You can know for certain that every single person in the room is there because you and your partner hand-selected them to be and that they have your best interests at heart. They are the people that will be in your lives for the long-term, stewarding your relationship along the way. And that’s what a wedding should be, isn’t it?

5. More time to prepare for “the big one”

This tip may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does have its uses. There’s all manner of reasons a couple may want to get married as soon as possible but may not have the funds or the time to have the wedding of their dreams. It’s becoming more common for a couple to have a micro wedding when they need or want to, and follow it up with a larger celebration with all of their friends and family when they have the resources, or when gathering restrictions allow. This means plenty of time for the couple to save for their bigger day while not having to stress about any of the legal aspects of the marriage – because they’re already married! This type of event has been dubbed a “sequel wedding.”

We can’t wait to host weddings on campus again when it is safe to do so! Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and starting thinking about the wedding of your dreams!

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