10 event swag bag items people actually like

Swag bags are arguably one of the best things about any conference, tradeshow, or charity event. After all, who doesn’t love FREE stuff?

However, sometimes, event gift bags can really be a drag; especially when they’re filled with more paper than product, or sample sized goods instead of full-sized items.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of ten event swag items that your event attendees will actually like and show off to their friends. Check them out below!

Reusable Straws

Reusable straws will not only help you to cut down on plastic waste during your event, but they will also help to communicate to your attendees that you are eco-conscious and have invested in giving them some swag that is good for the planet.


Conferences and events can run hours and even days! By including some delicious, bite-sized snacks such as chips, cookies, or pretzels, you can help to keep your audience focused and happy while they wait for lunch or dinner to be served!

A hand holding a snack bar

Trendy Apparel

Everyone loves a free, well-designed t-shirt. Whether they wear it for the day or use it as a camping or bedtime shirt, branded apparel is always a great swag gift that people will hold onto for years and years to come.

If you’re lucky, your swag bag recipients may even continue to wear the hat or shirt and become a walking advertisement for your organization!

Tote Bags

In addition to reusable straws, consider giving your guests a reusable tote bag to carry all of their swag, notes, keys, and business cards. There aren’t many things worse than trying to shake hands and network while trying to balance your coffee, laptop, swag apparel and snack. A tote bag will keep everything tidy and secure.

As a bonus, you can brand these bags and encourage participants to reuse them while grocery shopping or for their lunch bag. This will extend your branding, and you can also sell advertising space on the bags to make a profit or help cover costs.

A beige tote bag on a bench

Portable Chargers

How many times has your phone died while you’re out at an event? A portable charger is a life-saver when it comes to keeping your guests charged up all day, and can help you to encourage them to stay active with your event on social media – posting photos, adding hashtags and more.


While some people may bring their own notepad or laptop to a conference or workshop, it’s always nice to provide a notebook for those who may have forgotten. Having access to paper can help attendees to take notes, exchange contact information with others and brainstorm.

A black notebook

Hand Sanitizer

Events can become crowded and chaotic with many moving bodies. To stay protected from germs and overexposure to others, hand sanitizer is a great swag item. This will help to reduce the spread of germs between guests and is a quick way for people to wash their hands before grabbing a bite to eat on the go.

High-Quality Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during a tradeshow, wedding, or conference is critical for helping each attendee make it through the day. Between hot weather, crowded rooms and running around from room to room, a classy reusable water bottle is a great reminder to take a breather, relax and stay fueled.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can never have too many great pens! Put some effort into selecting a pen that is durable, comfortable and looks great! Some attendees may continue to use it at work and beyond!

Colourful pens

Something Unique
What’s your brand or event known for? Comfort? Tech? Artistry? Medical? Fundraising? If you have a specific theme or intention for your event, think outside the box to offer something quirky and fun in your swag or gift bags.

Some ideas could include branded pop sockets, loose leaf tea, candles, local candy, coasters, phone cases, tooth brushes, hair ties, headphones and beyond!

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