How Peer Mentors are helping to enhance the student experience

Peer Mentors are Georgian students who help fellow students at any academic stage to flourish and find a sense of belonging on campus.

Peer Mentors are also here to:

  • Guide you on how to build connections and community
  • Foster social support networks that are inclusive, engaging, empathetic and FUN!
  • Facilitate one-on-one meetings, group sessions, online support and engagement activities
  • Provide referrals and ensure you have access to Georgian resources

Julia Brown, an Early Childhood Education student at the Orillia Campus shared why she decided to become a Peer Mentor and how it has helped make her Georgian experience positive.

I wanted to become a Peer Mentor because when I first attended college, I felt so overwhelmed and alone. I know I would have benefited from having someone to guide me, give me advice, and help me make friends so I want to be able to do that for current and future students at the college. My experience as a Peer Mentor so far has helped me improve my leadership and social skills. I used to be pretty shy but interacting with my peers has allowed me to be more confident in my ability to help others and put myself in situations that push me out of my comfort zone. Now that I have become more involved at the college as a Peer Mentor, I feel like I’m a part of the Georgian community.

How does the Peer Mentor program work?

The Peer Mentor program is available to all Georgian students across all seven campuses who would benefit from some additional support, whether you’re in your first or final semester. Students can apply to be matched with a Peer Mentor who is best suited to their needs.

The Peer Mentor program is extremely valuable as mentors are current students who are also on their student journey and can share their experiences navigating through challenges.

Want to become a Peer Mentor?

If you’re interested in helping other students flourish, in your second semester or beyond, and in good academic standing, consider applying to become a Peer Mentor!

Recruitment begins about one month before the start of a new term and reminders will be posted in the news and announcements section on MyGCLife. You can also email us at

Are you a current student looking for a Peer Mentor? Apply today and you’ll be matched with a mentor who can support you best and help you succeed at Georgian!

Group of 5 student peer mentors.
Group of Georgian student Peer Mentors who help fellow students at any academic stage to flourish and find a sense of belonging on campus.

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