Graduating students: How to get your transcript, grad letter and credential

Dec. 13, 2022

As a graduating student, you may require key documents for your future plans. Here are the latest instructions on how to get your transcripts, grad letter, and credential (a.k.a. your frameable paper certificate, diploma or degree).

Grad letters and unofficial transcripts: Check your document hub

The process Georgian uses to assess whether students have met all graduation requirements is called auditing. As soon as you’re officially deemed a graduate through the auditing process, your graduation letter and unofficial transcript PDFs will be added to your document hub in the student portal.

As long as you apply to graduate by the deadline in your final term, your application will be audited by the following dates:

  • Completing final courses in fall: audited by Feb. 1
  • Completing final courses in winter: audited by June 1
  • Completing final courses in summer: audited by Oct. 1

You don’t need to submit requests for these documents. They will automatically appear in the document hub after auditing. You can also retrieve an unofficial transcript at any time in your Banner account.

Official transcripts for admission to another Ontario institution: Request through OCAS or OUAC

If you require an official transcript for admission to another school in Ontario, please place the request through the OCAS or OUAC website, where you submitted your application. We’ll send the transcript directly to the other institution within 72 hours.

Official transcripts for employment or accreditation: Complete an online form then check email

If you need official transcripts, visit the Request a Transcript page on the student portal and submit the online form. You might need official transcripts to apply to an accrediting body, to provide proof of graduation to an employer, or for other reasons.

You’ll be able to access your documents via the new MyCreds system: a digital service that gives you 24/7 access to digital copies of many postsecondary documents. You’ll receive an email to your student inbox with instructions to log in once your documents have been added.

Frameable credentials: Watch the mail

If you applied to graduate by the deadline, you’ll receive your official Georgian credential (frameable paper college certificate, diploma or degree) by regular mail in the month of your convocation event. We’ll use the mailing address on your Banner profile.

If you missed the graduation application deadline, you can still apply to graduate, but your mailed credential will be delayed and you will be invited to a later convocation ceremony (instead of the one taking place right after your final courses). Late graduation applications are reviewed and processed after those submitted on time.

Here are upcoming graduation application deadlines:

  • Completing final courses in fall 2022: Request to graduate by Dec. 16, 2022
  • Completing final courses in winter 2023: Request to graduate by April 21, 2023
  • Completing final courses in summer 2022: Request to graduate by Aug. 18, 2023

Students with job offers or expiring study permits: Email us

We’re prioritizing grad audits for those with an active job offer, and those whose study permits are expiring. If you have a written job offer or your study permit will expire before the end of this month, and you can see all your grades in Banner or MyPath, please send an email to with Job offer or Permit expiring in the subject line. Attach one of the following two documents to your email:

  • Your job offer on company letterhead
  • A copy of your study permit showing your expiry date

Please note that off-site transcript processing (due to COVID-19) takes twice as long as on-campus processing. We appreciate your patience.

This article was originally published in May 2020. It was updated and re-shared in December 2022.

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