Georgian CICE student comes back for a second chance

When Jenna Kerr first attended Georgian’s Community Integration Through Co-operative Education (CICE) program in 2013, she faced many obstacles that impeded her ability to learn and be successful.

She lacked confidence, didn’t take initiative, required one-on-one support to complete any work, and struggled with her mental health. Despite best efforts, she quit the program.

“It just wasn’t the right time for me,” reflects Jenna.

CICE student Jenna Kerr wearing a purple SELF LOVE t-shirt

In 2021, and with fierce determination, she bravely decided to try college again and re-applied to CICE.

Jenna is now in her second year and thriving.

 “Jenna had a fresh start the second time around and that’s where the real magic began,” says Carri Ferguson, Learning Facilitator. “The changes we’ve seen, and that Jenna has experienced, are truly astounding. She’s transformed herself on the path to employability and future success.”

“If you want to come to college and have a disability, you need to come to CICE. You get help every day.” – Jenna

Since her return to college, Jenna has acquired skills like self-advocacy and organization. She makes others laugh and is eager to get involved, which has also greatly improved her social skills. Jenna is well loved by her peers, field placement employers, and Georgian employees – both faculty and staff. She’s excelling in the classroom having recently made the Dean’s List.

“Jenna has proven to all of us that sometimes we just need a little bit of time for growth in order to take that next step on our journey. She’s shown us all that with true passion and determination, anything is possible.” – Carri

About the CICE program

CICE is designed for students with diverse learning challenges who require academic accommodations and modifications. Students enhance their academic and vocational knowledge and skills in both core and integrated courses, and practise this learning during field placements.

Learning facilitators modify integrated courses to students’ specific strengths and abilities, and provide accommodations, tutor and support sessions to ensure the work is challenging and achievable. Students prepare for success in entry-level work and build independence and other critical skills for adult life.

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