Accessible services for students of all abilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities – recognized on Dec. 3 – serves as an important reminder for disability inclusion. At Georgian, we understand every student has a unique set of strengths and areas where extra support is needed. That’s why the college and our accessibility advisors are committed to helping you succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Whether you’re a current student or considering Georgian for your studies, accessibility advisors can provide information, accommodations, support and advocacy if you’re facing physical, medical, sensory, mental health or learning barriers to education.

Working with Accessibility Services has been a positive experience for student Hanna Harris

First-year Applied Life Sciences student Hanna Harris connected with Accessibility Services to assist with some challenges.

Within one day of reaching out, I was connected with an accessibility advisor who helped me figure out what I needed assistance with most – test taking. They supported me with looking at all the options and taking the best course of action, including reaching out to my teachers, managing my mid-term times and booking at the testing centre. Having a support system away from home that’s focused on my individual needs has made my experience at Georgian extremely positive.

First year student Hanna Harris writing notes in preparation for an upcoming exam.

Hanna also adds that she’s in the process of transferring programs at Georgian, her accessibility advisor has been critical in the process.

“The support and assistance I’ve received from Accessibility Services and my accessibility advisor during this process have played a major role in choosing to pursue a Health, Wellness and Sciences program at Georgian.”

Are Accessibility Services right for me?

If you’re considering reaching out to an accessibility advisor but are unsure if it’s the best service for your needs, here are some of the reasons why students reach out to Accessibility Services:

  • You had an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in high school and you need the same support in college
  • You think you have a diagnosis that’s affecting your schoolwork
  • You sustained an injury and are having difficulty completing your schoolwork
  • You have a mental health diagnosis that makes it difficult to concentrate in class and take notes
  • You’ve previously been told you have a learning disability but never had an IEP and are now struggling in college

Ready to reach out to an accessibility advisor? Email or call 1.877.722.1523 to connect today!

How do accessibility advisors help?

Accessibility advisors can build an individualized plan with a variety of services and resources to help provide you with the opportunity to succeed academically, including:

  • Assessment of learning barriers and development of accommodation plans to provide academic equity
  • Postsecondary system navigation support and referrals to other college resources
  • Referrals for adaptive technology and adaptive tech training
  • Assistance with acquiring documentation for accommodations and related funding
  • Coordination of psycho-educational and clinical assessments when required
  • Further understanding of individual learning needs and support with academic skill development
  • Advocacy and support to practice self-advocacy in the academic and work-integrated learning environment
  • Preparation for graduation and future goals through individual awareness of skills and needs when navigating accommodations in other settings

When to reach out to Accessibility Services?

You can reach out for support at any time in your academic journey but if you know you’ll need support before you begin at Georgian, it’s recommended you start the process up to six months before your first semester.

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