Co-op Student of the Year pursues passion for computer programming

David Boldyrev, a second-year Computer Programming student from Kazakhstan is recognized as the 2023 Co-op Student of the Year. David’s passion for computers and programming is driven by his desire to upgrade his knowledge and skills to progress in a dynamic field.

I’ve always been fascinated by how different technologies and systems work from the time I was a child playing video games. I was always thinking about ways to customize and enhance them to make them better, which sparked my passion for programming.

Why did you choose to study at Georgian?

Having the opportunity to pursue my passion for programming while gaining real-life experience through co-op was an important factor in choosing Georgian.

What drew you to computer programming?

I’ve always been interested in learning more about different technologies but was never fully satisfied with what was in front of me. I was always thinking about ways that they could perform better, be customized or modified. I wanted to further my knowledge and learn about the different areas of programming, so I completed certification courses in web development, design and software development.

How does it feel to be named Co-op Student of the Year?

I was very surprised when I learned I was named Co-op Student of the Year; it’s an achievement made possible by the support of my manager and team.

Co-op student of the year David Boldyrev holding laptop.
David Boldyrev, a second-year Computer Programming student is recognized as the 2023 Co-op Student of the Year.

What did you like best about your co-op?

During my co-op term as an Automation Developer at the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery, I was able to learn beyond the classroom with hands-on practical experience that allowed me to grow. I had the opportunity to work with a supportive team that also challenged me to achieve my best, making it an invaluable experience.

What types of projects or tasks did you work on during co-op?

Most of my work involved cloud-based automation solutions, learning processes, back-end programming and writing scripts that would allow these systems to perform for clients.

What was the most challenging part of your co-op experience?

A challenge that I faced during my co-op term was interacting with clients and delivering presentations. It was a great experience but challenged me to practice my communication skills and deliver learnings from my job.

What skills from your Georgian program did you apply on the job?

I was able to bring knowledge of systems like Java, CSS, HTML and C# (c-sharp) and how the systems operated. Participating in networking with peers was also helpful during my co-op term.

What were some new things you learned while on co-op?

I was able to work with real clients and also expand my knowledge on new cloud-based platforms I’ve never used, such as Amazon Web Source, Python and Azure.

What do you hope to do after graduating from Georgian?

I’d love to have the chance to go back and work for the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery. I want to work for a company that allows the opportunity to grow and learn but also challenges me, works with me on my weaknesses and supports me to achieve my best.

Any advice for future co-op students?

Take any opportunity you can to learn more about the field or job you want to help you stand out. Finding your passion and taking the time to put in some extra work can go a long way when searching for a job. Job searching can be stressful but the more you put into it the more you will get out. I’m always looking to further my knowledge and grow and would encourage others to do the same.

David’s manager shared that David should be extremely proud of his work term and that “the improvements made to the Cloud services provided have been extremely important for clients.”

David’s manager also says that when feedback was requested David “immediately incorporated items into his everyday approach and work.”

About the Co-op Student of the Year award

The Co-op Student of the Year award is presented to a full-time student in a co-operative education program who has demonstrated remarkable achievements in academic and co-op terms.

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