Chef Clements: Sweet things happening in the sugar shack

March 4, 2022

One of the things that always helps Daniel Clements get over the exhausting cold and dreary weather this time of the year is thoughts of that sweet Canadian life blood: maple syrup.

In his recent column, Daniel, one of Georgian’s chef technologists, waxes poetic about Canada’s golden liquid. He just can’t imagine a spring in Ontario without that pure liquid gold and says it’s like a gift from Mother Nature intended to apologize for the long harsh winter and teases a coy promise of the warmer days to come.

Daniel adds that he has many fond memories as a kid in the sugar bush on his grandparents’ farm in Muskoka. His Grandfather Earl and Gramma Hedi Linn had about 150 trees tapped in the peak of operation and he remembers their humble start with just a few tree-lined trails and a little pole structure all tarped off and a big pot boiling over the fire.

Read Daniel’s full column in Barrie Today.

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