People of Georgian: International student makes the most of on-campus experience

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People of Georgian: Meet Krishi Ka Patel

I’m very glad about my leadership journey at Georgian.

When I was a new student and attended the online academic orientation, there was a session about the Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA). At that moment, I decided in my mind that I was going be part of it one day.

I was not sure if I would become a president or vice president, but I formed in my mind that I would take all opportunities to work for our students.

A person with short, brown hair, red checked shirt and blue jeans, sits in a leather chair and smiles.
Krishi at Georgian’s Barrie Campus.

So, I made it my job to learn about all of Georgian’s resources.

Before I left India, I contacted all of my friends who were in Barrie to grab all of the information from them.

Then I also had a peer mentor, so I got a lot of information about the college from her.

Making connections on campus

When I got to campus for the first time, I learned how to make new friends, how to make connections.

Since being here, I have also helped a lot of students find jobs or accommodations and the like.

My first on-campus job was as a customer service representative at Georgian Athletics.

I also became a campus ambassador.

Then an election for the next group of GCSA leaders came up. I just grabbed that opportunity – and got elected!

A person wearing a suit smiles. Text: Krishi Ka Patel, VP Student Sustainability GCSA
An outdoor group photo of people all wearing shirts reading GCSA.
Krishi, far left, was elected to the current group of GCSA leaders.

So, I will end my student career at Georgian as the GCSA’s Vice President of Student Sustainability.

My communication skills have been enhanced due to this role, and I have got such a great experience from my fellow executives and from organizing events.

Our biggest event was the Fun Fest, in which more than 400 to 500 students came in person for the first time after two years, and we have organized a lot of events in the Georgian Theatre, too.

A person wearing a suit smiles in between a grizzly bear mascot and Mickey Mouse, standing in front of an inflatable carnival game.
Krishi with Growler and Mickey Mouse at Fun Fest.

Georgian has given me a lot of experience in leadership and communication skills and, of course, in technical skills from my computer programming diploma.

I have learned a lot of things from my professors, and this leadership experience with the GCSA gave me a lot like time management and communication skills, which will help me a lot, too.

A person dressed in a blue graduation gown and cap smiles at the background.
Krishi graduates at the end of the fall semester.

I’m very glad about my leadership journey here.

Ending this student life will be a little bit sad.

Krishi Ka Patel, a Computer Programming international student, who is graduating after this semester. Krishi is also the outgoing VP Student Sustainability for the Georgian College Students’ Association at Barrie Campus.

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