People of Georgian: Aviation student launches food truck after co-op in Nunavut

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People of Georgian: Meet Sachin Sharma

I went to Nunavut for my co-op and spent eight months there.

I came here from India in 2017 and Barrie was already a big change for me because it was very cold compared to India.

But after living in Barrie for one year, I decided to do my co-op in Nunavut’s capital, Iqaluit, where it’s -65 C in the winter. It was a big adjustment for me as an international student.

A person dressed in jeans, coat, gloves and an orange vest stands outside of a parked large plane, with its door open and stairs attached in front of a pink and yellow sunset.

I worked at Frobisher Bay Touchdown Services and had two different roles there.

I worked as a customer service representative, as well as another role that involved things like logging in all the incoming flights, hooking up generators and stairs to the planes, offloading the passengers, cargo, luggage, etc.

A person with short, brown hair and wearing a dark sweater, pants, boots and sunglasses, sits on the hood of a black pickup truck parked on snow in front of a building with a sign reading FBO.

In Nunavut, there were also no restaurants nearby and I had to cook for myself all the time.

I used to try making different dishes every day, and cooking became my passion over there.

I got help from my mother as well. She gave me recipes to make the dishes perfect.

It was a very good experience I had in Iqaluit. It was a good journey, I can say that.

From aviation to Indian street food

After my co-op ended, I came back to Barrie to finish off my program, but then COVID-19 happened and I couldn’t get a job in aviation.

So, I turned back to cooking and thought of opening a food truck.

A person with short, brown hair and wearing blank pants and a navy T-shirt and face mask stands next to a cat mascot wearing a blue cap with the letter "B" on it, in front of a food truck that says Foodiez Barrie.

I started my food truck, Foodiez, in August last year, with a goal to bring to Barrie the street food we had back home in India.

I designed the whole menu by myself, and I’m adding to it all the time.

It’s more like an Indo-Chinese menu: Chow Mein noodles, Manchurian pastas, milkshakes, sandwiches, grilled cheese, burgers…

Our best-selling item right now is our cheesy fried momos. That is my favourite as well. The noodles burger is also a popular one.

Passion for cooking started at home in India

I started learning about cooking in India when I was preparing to come to Canada for my studies. The passion started from there.

I like being an entrepreneur and business owner in Barrie. I want to work for myself.

Although I would get my pilot license in the future, right now I am more business-minded.

Just keep aiming at what you want until it comes through, and never give up.

Sachin Sharma, Georgian alumnus and business owner

Currently, I’m looking to open up a restaurant in Barrie – maybe in the winter because it’s very hard to operate a food truck then.

I started my career totally different than what I’m doing right now, but it’s all about passion and dedication and what you want to do every day.

Just keep aiming at what you want until it comes through, and never give up.

Sachin Sharma, alumnus from Georgian’s Aviation Management program (class of 2019) and owner/operator of Foodiez food truck in Barrie. You can find Foodiez at 265 St. Vincent St., Barrie, or @FoodiezBarrie on Instagram.

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