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People of Georgian: Meet Jessica Laing

I’ve always been big on entrepreneurship, and I started my first business nearly 20 years ago.

I made invitations for people’s weddings and other crafty things.

Then, I started making friendship bracelets, paintings and feather earrings, and I was an artist vendor at the Brampton Farmers’ Market for a couple summers.

A person holds a large puppy.
Jessica with Gus, one of her three dogs.

Finding a pathway to healing

But in 2017, I went through a really tough time with both my mental and physical health.

I found out that chakra helps with healing mental and physical pain, so I decided to make myself a chakra bracelet, and I loved it.

I began selling them as a way to fundraise for causes I care about and was going to start a whole new business around them, but then I realized I do so much more than just chakra bracelets.

Flashy Redhead Creations is born

Working with an advisor through the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre’s Further Faster program at Georgian, I rebranded and scaled my business.

I’m now the owner, photographic artist, creator and jeweler of Flashy Redhead Creations.

A person with long hair and feather hair extensions takes a selfie. Their T-shirt reads "Flashy Redhead Creations."
Jessica rebranded her business through the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre’s Further Faster program at Georgian.

My products help anyone looking to heal. I want people to stay out of a low place and remember there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. I create handmade jewellery, photography, art and media to inspire people to feel better on the inside and out.

I make chakra charm necklaces and bracelets, friendship bracelets, feather earrings and hair extensions. Chakra beads are included in the hair clips, bracelets and necklaces, too.

Having a creative outlet is important to me because it helps me to relax, stay grounded and know that I’m creating things that might be special to other people. I like to share my gifts.

A person with long hair, wearing a sparkly crown, earrings, necklace and a pink dress.
Jessica says pageants help her give back to the community.

Pageants another way to help others

Along with my business, I’ve also competed in many pageants and have multiple pageant titles. My most recent one was World’s Miss Canada Tourism 2023.

Through pageants, I get to volunteer in the community and at charity events. When I was Miss Brampton 2008, I was even part of a parade in a horse-drawn carriage, and I was like the Santa at the end!

Pageants have allowed me to speak up as a champion for people with mental health issues and invisible disabilities. I’m an advocate who uses my platform to create awareness for many important causes.

I also enjoy giving bullying awareness and prevention presentations. I was bullied growing up and want to educate adults and children on the short- and long-term effects of bullying.

I’m also working on many other things that bring me joy. I’m writing children’s books and a novel about living your best life, using lessons I discovered when triumphing through my own hardships.

I also administer a Facebook group called Healthy Meal Ideas by the Eating Cleen Queen, where I promote tasty, anti-inflammatory meal ideas with the aim of helping others eat better to improve various health conditions.

Two adults and two dogs take a selfie in front of a tree with yellow leaves.
Jessica with her partner, Rob, and two of their dogs, Miley and Louie.

‘I’ve learned to follow my dreams to make them a reality’

I’m a giving person and I like cheering people up, so all these things are a good way for me to give back to the community.

I’m fortunate to have supportive and healthy home, work and learning environments with positive mentors, which allows me to excel in all areas of my life, including my health.

I’ve learned to follow my dreams to make them a reality. I set a plan to take each small step, and everything evolves and comes together.

Jessica Laing, Business System Administrator in Georgian’s Marketing, Communications and Recruitment department and part-time student in the college’s Automotive Business program.

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