People of Georgian: College ‘helped raise’ long-time employee

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People of Georgian: Meet Nicole Miller

After I had a baby, I decided I needed a more stable job, so I came to Georgian as a student and as a single mom of one.

And now that little baby, all grown up, works at the college with me.

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‘It’s full circle’

When I got my first full-time job at Georgian, I was 23 years old and handled room bookings. My daughter, Madison, is 23 now and works that same job, so it’s full circle.

It’s cool because we’re in such different places at 23 because I was a really young mom, and she gets to concentrate just on work with no baby.

It’s interesting listening to her speak in her job and being proud as a mom, but also proud as a colleague. It’s an interesting dynamic, but I’m very proud she likes it here.

Another one of my daughters, Mimi, is also a School Within a College (SWAC) student and she’s going to take Georgian’s Baking and Pastry Arts program in the fall.

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Nicole, centre, with two of her daughters, Madison and Mimi.

Nicole rediscovering who she is

And now, in a way, I’m living my 20s in my 40s. I’m remembering who I am – not as a mother, not as an employee, but as a woman.

Now that I’m not raising babies, I travel a lot, paddleboard, hike, and I’m trying to just figure out what I like.

I’m also involved in way more projects at work, including digital innovation projects, which is great. I’ve been around for a long time, since Banner got implemented, so I’m excited to be on these projects.

I’ve had more than 22 years of working at Georgian – 20 years full time. This place helped raise me. These people helped raise me. They helped raise my babies and helped me become the employee I am now.

Not all days are good workdays, but the people are all worth it and what we do is worth it.

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Nicole says the people she has worked with at Georgian over the years helped raise her.

‘I’ve always been really lucky to work at Georgian’

My kids have always commented on how great the people I work with are and how close we are. They always say, “I want to work somewhere like that.”

I’ve always been really lucky to work at Georgian.

I’m just glad it all worked out. I’ve got myself a little Georgian family now.

Nicole Miller, Scheduling Officer in Georgian’s Office of the Registrar, and who also attended the Business (Co-op) program.

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