Introducing the Bear Tracks Blog

Georgian has launched the Bear Tracks Blog – filled with compelling stories about our Grizzlies, organized in a way that is easy for you to navigate and find the content you want most.

Our content is conveniently organized into six categories:

Bear Tracks blog wordmark, featuring a bear paw with claws and category icons in speech bubbles

With 130+ programs, seven campuses, more than 10,000 students and almost 2,000 employees, there’s no shortage of incredible stories that come out of the Georgian community. We’re excited to launch the Bear Tracks Blog to better showcase our people and places and how Georgian is making an impact in our communities.

Kim Garraway, Manager, Communications

Features of the Bear Tracks Blog

  • Top reads feed. This is a listing of the top read blog posts from the past 90 days.
  • Related posts feed. This is a listing of the most recent blog posts under the same category.
  • Social share buttons. It’s now easier for you to share Georgian content in your social networks. Quick share buttons are programmed for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and WhatsApp.
  • Improved navigation. With the introduction of specific categories, you will be better able to find the content that interests you most.
  • Super quick webpage loading speed. The blog utilizes a recent technological upgrade the delivers a best-in-class, intuitive website experience.
  • Newsletter sign up. You can quickly join Georgian’s Accelerator monthly newsletters for prospective students and influencers to ensure you don’t miss any important news.

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