Georgian knocks down hundreds of cereal boxes like dominos in student food bank fundraiser

A line of 450 boxes of cereal toppled like giant dominos through the hallways of Georgian College’s Barrie Campus today as a fundraiser for the Georgian FoodLocker, an on-campus emergency food bank for students.

Growler, the college’s grizzly bear mascot, knocked over the first cereal box to start the dominos, which ran nearly 100 metres from the Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) Lounge to the library and spiraled around the bottom of a large staircase.

The cereal will now be donated to students in need. In the last two academic years, about 6,000 students have accessed the Georgian FoodLocker, of which nearly half are repeat users.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we wanted to support our students to help get their days off to a strong start so they can focus on their studies and having an unrivaled experience at Georgian,” said Jenni Thompson, Media Relations Officer at the college and a lead organizer.

Four people stand together next to boxes of cereal set up in a line and spelling out the letters GCSA.
Members of the GCSA Barrie team set up the cereal box dominos.
Six people stand together behind bins filled with food donations. A sign reads: Georgian College Students' Association. The bins read: Georgian FoodLocker.
Some members of the GCSA and the Marketing, Communications and Recruitment and Conference and Events Services department, who organized the fundraiser.

A group of employees in Georgian’s Marketing, Communications and Recruitment and Conference and Events Services department were inspired to start this fundraiser with cereal dominos after seeing a video online of an elementary school doing something similar.

All the cereal was donated by Georgian employees and their friends and family.  

Members of the GCSA, which operates the Georgian FoodLocker program at all seven campuses, organized the setting up of the cereal.

We are cereal-ously grateful for everyone’s support!

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