Georgian congratulates WorldSkills competitor Tyler Magri

Tyler, wearing a world skills t-shirt, looking down at a work bench

Tyler working on a project at the WorldSkills competition

Recent graduate Tyler Magri competed in the 2015 WorldSkills Competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, testing himself against other new vocational talent from across the globe in the CNC Milling category.

He worked hard, kept his head in the game, and built lasting connections with other competitors. He was a great ambassador for his hometown of Innisfil, his school, and his country.

“I got to know a lot of competitors my age and we would hang out in the hotel after the competition was over. We all traded contact information so now I have places to stay in Holland, Sweden, England and a few other places,” he says.

A bright red toolbox with the Georgian logo on it, and Tyler's name

Tyler’s toolbox, which travelled from Barrie, to Brazil, and back

Tyler, who just got back from Brazil last week, says that despite a few humbling moments, he wouldn’t trade his time at the “Skills Olympics” for anything.

“The experience itself was great. Just to be part of the best of the best in the world was amazing. I make a couple of mistakes on my project, but I definitely exceeded my own expectations that I set for myself before I went, so I’m happy about that,” he says.

Tyler hopes he’ll be able to transfer the knowledge and skills he gained to future Georgian College CNC competitors.

Learn about Tyler’s journey in this past article.

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