Georgian College president reacts to cap on international study permits 

Georgian College continues to work with government regarding the implications of the announcement regarding the cap on international study permit applications. We care deeply about providing all of our students with an unrivaled, positive experience during their studies. In addition, we support policies that protect students and ensure that those who choose to study in Canada are well prepared even before their arrival.  

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Georgian President and CEO Kevin Weaver.

International students are valued contributors to our classrooms, communities and economy. We’re truly a global college with about 6,300 of our 12,488 full-time students coming from 86 countries. Many will stay after graduation to build a life in Canada. The only way we’ve been able to deliver the labour force and programs that our communities and employers rely on was to increase international enrolment, especially given the pressures facing some of our rural and northern communities in Central Ontario. Without access to that critical talent pipeline, their organizations just can’t compete and their continued operation is jeopardized.

The largest labour market gaps in some of our key sectors – health care, automotive, construction, advanced manufacturing and others – will be filled by college graduates. Ontario’s public colleges are leaders in high-quality international student experiences. We’ve consistently heard from our employer partners that our students and graduates are job ready and use their applied learning to bring innovative solutions to help build stronger businesses and communities. 

As President, I am disappointed that the government has introduced these policy changes, clearly without consultation to understand the far reaching and damaging impacts that will follow. At Georgian, we are concerned about what the cap will mean for students, local employers and our communities. Governments must work together and meaningfully consult with public colleges and students to ensure the implementation of the new measures does not have unintended negative consequences.

  • Kevin Weaver, President and CEO, Georgian College

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