Benefits of studying during the summer: a student perspective

Sand, sun and…textbooks.  

We talked to two summer semester students who tell us why they think studying during the summer at Georgian helped them get ahead in their studies, reach their academic goals faster, and allowed them to take advantage of smaller class sizes – all while still experiencing the fun summer has to offer.

Amber Cooper, a Business Administration Human Resources summer student is dressed in a maroon plaid shirt and is standing in front of green trees
Amber Cooper, Business Administration – Human Resources student

Amber Cooper, a Business Administration – Human Resources student from West Guilford in Haliburton County, chose to study at Georgian because her program offered the option to learn during the summer, which would get her into the workforce sooner.

“A lot of people like to relax and recharge during the summer, but I wanted to finish my program sooner and get ahead quicker,” she says.

She also loves the four-season activities available in Georgian’s campus communities, and because it felt and looked like her hometown, it was familiar.

“Georgian campuses are beautiful year-round, but there’s something about summer in Simcoe County and Muskoka that can’t be beat,” she adds. “Studying during the summer also means that travel is easier and you can study outside and enjoy the area’s outdoor activities after class.”  

Asked why she recommends summer study, Amber says:

It was easier for me to continue studying through the summer instead of taking a break because it helped me maintain interest in my education. I’m of the ‘push through and get it done’ camp, so summer semester was a great fit for me; if you want to finish up sooner, it could be for you as well.

After graduation, Amber wants to one day take over the family towing business. She says Georgian’s focus on entrepreneurship – combined with her HR studies – will help her innovate and keep the business going for many more years.

Liam Holl, a Business Administration summer student, sits in the study area of N Building at the Georgian Barrie Campus wearing a collared shirt and blue sweater
Liam Holl, Business Administration student

Liam Holl, an Innisfil resident and Business Administration student, decided to study at Georgian because it was close to home, it was an easy commute, and the program he wanted to take had an option to start in the summer.

Like Amber, Liam wanted to study in the summer to get ahead in his studies and complete it as fast as possible.

“When I learned my program had a summer start, I was stoked; I wanted to dive into my studies right away!”

He adds that the classes were smaller and he had more face time with professors. Plus, he still had access to math and writing help and all the campus amenities that students use during the fall and winter semesters.

I found I had more time in the summer to explore campus and enjoy what it has to offer,” he says. “There was always someone around to help too. Plus, the campus is very diverse, so I had a chance to meet people from around the world all while learning close to home.

Liam says that despite spending time in class during the summer, he never felt like he missed out on any fun.

“Barrie has an amazing waterfront and amazing attractions I got to experience after class.”

Top five advantages of summer classes

1. It’s less busy and classes may be smaller – get more one-on-one time with your professors!

2. Tackle a difficult course (or courses) – with some options for partial course loads, you can give them your full attention!

3. For some people, there are fewer distractions during the summer, so you may find it easier to concentrate on your coursework and dedicate more time to your studies.

4. Get a head start or graduate on time or earlier and get into the workforce quicker.

5. All or most student services are available all summer long!

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