Research Analyst

Research Analyst

Program Code
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program requirements

  • 12 Mandatory Courses

Program Description

In this program, students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and professionalism necessary to conduct applied research in sectors such as marketing, tourism, media, government, public affairs, education, health, non-profit and social service agencies. Students are provided with hands-on experience and focus on the entire research process. Students formulate research questions, develop research designs, collect information from primary and secondary sources, perform data analysis, interpret results, communicate findings, and develop strategic recommendations. Additional features of the program include an emphasis on traditional and emerging qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the use of technology, effective communication processes, and adherence to professional and ethical standards.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code ONTARIOLEARN EQUIVALENTS Mandatory
Adv Statistical Procedures RAPP1007   Mandatory
Capstone Project RAPP1018   Mandatory
Data Evaluation RAPP1017   Mandatory
Fund of Statistical Analysis RAPP1003   Mandatory
Population and Demography RAPP1000   Mandatory
Professional Communication RAPP1015   Mandatory
Project Management RAPP1016   Mandatory
Qualitative Research RAPP1005   Mandatory
Report Writing RAPP1014   Mandatory
Research Tools and Techniques RAPP1013   Mandatory
Spreadsheet And Table Man. RAPP1010   Mandatory
Survey Design and Analysis RAPP1001   Mandatory

Additional Info

Complementary to the learning outcomes, graduates of the Research Analyst Program will have a sense of confidence and competence that enables them to function effectively in a research setting by demonstrating many of the following skills and aptitudes: intellectual curiosity, critical inquiry, problem solving, creativity, initiative, practical experience, negotiation, professionalism, team work and leadership.

External Recognition

Graduates are exempted from the educational requirements for writing the Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation exam. For more information, see “Path 1: Post-Graduate” at the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association’s website:

Credit towards other professional designations also may be possible. These agreements are assessed, revised and updated on a regular basis. Please contact the program co-ordinator for specific details.