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Digital Content Creation and Strategy

Program Code
Ont. College Graduate Cert

Program Description

Digital Content Creation and Strategy prepares you to capture ideas and deliver effective messages in today’s media-rich business environment. Through a combination of practical and theory-based learning methods, you develop skills in the production and management of social media, communications, video and audio production, photography, and web design. Focusing on user experience and design functionality, you gain and develop skills through a combination of independent and collaborative projects applied in the context of content creation, strategy and curation. Ultimately, such skills can be applied to almost any sector that informs, engages or educates an audience.

Current Course Offerings

No current course offerings.

Additional Info

Students are required to purchase software licences necessary to create and edit digital content assets. To be successful in this program, students are required to have a personal notebook computer (either PC or Mac architecture) prior to the start of the program that meets or exceeds the following hardware specifications: Intel i5 processor or AMD equivalent 16GB of memory 500GB hard drive (1TB recommended plus an external 2TB hard drive)