Amazing facilities! Work in on-site clinic with real clients. Organic/green products. Develop your professional skills. CIDESCO-certified.

General information

Program code
4 Semesters (2 Years)
Ontario College Diploma

Intake information

Start date Campus
Fall 2021 Barrie
Winter 2022 Barrie

Program description

In this program, students are prepared with the knowledge, skills and professional competencies required for the Esthetics Industry. Students in this program are able to provide spa modalities, such as make up and specialized skin, body and hand/foot treatments. In addition, business applications required to run a small business are emphasized. This program has been designed with the intent to academically prepare students for international testing and to inspire a passion for the health and wellness industry.

Additional program-specific fee information for Esthetician

IMPORTANT: The Esthetician program has a strict "no jewellery" policy and uniform requirement for all labs and clinics.

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Career opportunities

An esthetician has many opportunities for employment in the health and wellness industry. Graduates of this program may work in a variety of spas, such as day and resort spas, destination and cruise ship spas, salons, and health and wellness establishments. In addition, graduates are prepared for possible employment in many other areas such as in product sales, distributing and retailing of products, product education, spa reception and management, contracting, self employment and consulting positions, pharmaceutical industries, and Dermatologist and Plastic Surgery offices.

Admission information

Admission requirements

OSSD or equivalent with

  • Grade 12 English (C or U)
  • Grade 11 or 12 Biology (C or U)

Mature students, non-secondary school applicants (19 years or older), and home school applicants may also be considered for admission. Eligibility may be met by applicants who have taken equivalent courses, upgrading, completed their GED, and equivalency testing. For complete details refer to:


Applicants who have taken courses from a recognized and accredited post-secondary institution and/or have relevant life/learning experience may also be considered for admission; refer to the Credit Transfer Centre website for details:

Criminal Reference/Vulnerable Sector Check

Placement agencies require an up-to-date clear criminal reference check and vulnerable sector check prior to going out on placement. Students should obtain their criminal reference three months prior to placement; checks conducted earlier may not be considered current. As some jurisdictions require longer lead-time for processing, please check with the program coordinator to ensure you allow for sufficient turn-around time. It is the student's responsibility to provide the completed document prior to placement start.

NOTE: Individuals who have been charged or convicted criminally and not pardoned will be prohibited from proceeding to a clinical or work placement.

Admission details

It is required that students have level C CPR and Standard First Aid prior to participating in the Spa Clinic. It is the student’s responsibility to renew their CPR certification annually while in the Program and to ensure that the permit status is valid.

Applicants must have an up-to-date immunization record in compliance with the Health Canada Guideline Routine Practices and Additional Precautions for Preventing the Transmission of Infection in Health Care and the Ontario Hospital Association/Ontario Medical Association Communicable Disease Surveillance Protocols for Ontario Hospitals. Completion and submission of this record is required prior to clinic placement. Please visit Esthetician webpage for a complete list of permit requirements at

During lab and clinics, students are not permitted to wear jewelry and must adhere to the professional decorum policy as described in the student handbook. Students are required to purchase uniforms, a student kit containing implements to be used during the course of the program and a make up kit..


Program-specific Courses

  • SPAE 1001 - Cosmetic Product Knowledge
    (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • SPAE 1002 - Fundamentals of Esthetic Sciences
    (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • SPAE 1003 - Fundamentals of Spa Treatments
    (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • SPAE 1013 - Fundamentals of Spa Treatments Lab
    (Semester 1 / 70 hours)
  • SPAE 1014 - Esthetic Professionalism
    (Semester 1 / 28 hours)
  • SPAE 1006 - Principles of Esthetic Sciences
    (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • SPAE 1012 - Spa Treatments Theory
    (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • SPAE 1015 - Spa Treatments Practice
    (Semester 2 / 84 hours)
  • SPAE 1016 - Artificial Nail Technologies
    (Semester 2 / 56 hours)
  • SPAE 1009 - Spa Clinic
    (Semester 2 / 84 hours)
  • SPAE 2000 - Nutrition for the Skin Therapist
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • SPAE 2001 - Advanced Esthetic Services
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • SPAE 2011 - Advanced Esthetic Practices
    (Semester 3 / 70 hours)
  • SPAE 2013 - Cosmetic Applications
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • SPAE 2004 - Esthetic Clinic
    (Semester 3 / 84 hours)
  • SPAE 2006 - Holistic and Body Therapies
    (Semester 4 / 56 hours)
  • SPAE 2007 - Skin and Body Applications
    (Semester 4 / 84 hours)
  • SPAE 2012 - Introduction to Spa Management and Entrepreneurship
    (Semester 4 / 42 hours)
  • SPAE 2008 - Advanced Esthetic Clinic
    (Semester 4 / 84 hours)

Communications courses

  • Select 1 course from the communications list during registration.
    (Semester 1)
  • Select 1 course from the communications list during registration.
    (Semester 3)

General education courses

  • Select 1 course from the general education list during registration.
    (Semester 2)
  • Select 1 course from the general education list during registration.
    (Semester 3)
  • Select 1 course from the general education list during registration.
    (Semester 4)