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Military-connected college

MORE support for military-connected students

Georgian is committed to providing military-connected learners – including those currently serving, veterans and their family members – with an exceptional college education, coupled with funding, academic, social and mental health supports to thrive and succeed.

Georgian’s promise to military-connected students

Georgian’s promise to military-connected students

Georgian College is committed to creating a barrier-free and inclusive learning environment. The academic success of a military-connected student will not be adversely impacted by any of the following possible military situations:

  • Unanticipated training opportunities
  • Domestic deployments
  • International deployments
  • Illness or injury due to military service
  • Planned and reoccurring military commitments
  • Familial impacts resulting from military service

A comprehensive and collaborative approach to recognizing and putting in place the administrative and procedural supports that military-connected students require. Georgian College will provide a main point of contact to military-connected students to ensure timely and effective administrative and logistical assistance.

A supportive environment focused on the well-being of all military-connected students. Some of the initiatives include:

  • orientation seminars to enhance the skills and knowledge of those working with military-connected students at Georgian College (e.g. accommodations, tutoring, counseling, Office of the Registrar, etc.)
  • a guaranteed community for veterans and their supporters to meet and flourish. Georgian College recognizes the importance of this social network and as such, the Military Veterans Club holds regular meetings and organizes special events.
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160+military-connected students across Georgian’s seven campuses
64programs military-connected students are enrolled in

What is a military-connected college?

A military-connected college is an academic institution that develops, synchronizes and allocates resources to support an underrepresented group of students: military-connected students.

Who is a military-connected student?

Military-connected students have a tangible connection with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) or with that of their home nation.

Military-connected students identify with one of the following sub-categories:

  • Current serving members of the Regular Force
  • Current serving members of the Reserve Component
  • Veterans
  • Department of National Defence (DND) – Civil Servant
  • Immediate family of a CAF member or veteran
  • Foreign military veteran
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Why did Georgian choose to become a military-connected college?

In September 2021, Georgian began the implementation of a unique academic and student services support model for military-connected students. We’re committed to building an inclusive, student-centric academic and social support framework for military-connected students.

The creation of a military-connected college at Georgian shows an alignment with military interests and values, recognition of the military community, and a desire to maximize student potential.

In concert with Georgian’s 2022-2024 strategic plan, the college’s values of excellence, unrivaled student access, supports and services, community engagement, integrity, inclusion and sustainability led to implementing a military-connected college across all seven Georgian campuses.

Military-connected students are a heterogeneous population positively influenced by education, resulting in an economic impact throughout the region.

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Funding supports for military-connected students

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Georgian’s Operation Hero Scholarship

The Operation Hero Scholarship is presented to a past or present member of the CAF, or a dependent or spouse of serving or past members of the CAF, entering any postsecondary program at Georgian.

To be eligible, you must demonstrate financial need and involvement within the community, and be a permanent resident of Ontario.

The value of the Operation Hero Scholarship is $7,500. It’s one of over 650 awards and scholarships available to Georgian students each year.

Other financial aid opportunitiesGeorgian College Chevron

In addition to awards, scholarships and bursaries offered by Georgian, you may be eligible for financial help through the following programs:

We encourage you to connect with your military unit to explore funding for postsecondary education.

Academic supports for military-connected students

Credit for Prior Learning

The Liberal Arts department is supporting a one-year pilot project, effective winter 2023, to provide a credit for a General Education 1011 Developing Leadership course for military-connected students who have completed the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Developmental Period 2 (DP2).

A one-year pilot project is already underway, effective in the fall 2022 semester, to provide a Communication 9000 credit for military-connected students who have completed the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Developmental Period 1 (DP1), which is the foundational military training course for all CAF service members.

During these pilots, the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) fee will be waived for military- connected students. If eligible, please complete the PLAR form and include evidence of DP completion such as Military Personnel Records Resume and/or CAF course reports/transcripts.

Military PoliceGeorgian College Chevron

If you’re looking to upgrade your education, Georgian offers advanced standing into the Bachelor of Police Studies (BAPS) program for Military Police members who have completed their QL3 training and subsequent qualification levels.

Please visit the Honours Bachelor of Police Studies program page for more information.

Non-Commissioned Member – Subsidized Training and Education PlanGeorgian College Chevron

Are you looking to join the Canadian Armed Forces under the non-commissioned member – subsidized training and education plan?

Georgian offers five programs recognized under the NCM-STEP program:

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Social supports for military-connected students

Georgian College Military Veterans Club Logo
Soldiers in uniform with a Canadian flag patch sewn onto the arm. Solider in background holding an assault rifle gun resting toward the ground.

Georgian College Military Veterans Club

Georgian’s dedication to, and respect for, those who have served our country has always been strong. This is evident at every campus each Remembrance Day, including at our cenotaphs in Barrie and Orillia.

With the close proximity of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden to our campuses in Central Ontario, many people are medically released from the military each year. Many of them choose to participate in the vocational rehabilitation training program and attend Georgian.

The transition from military to civilian life is often fast with little time to adjust. Then, add in going back to school as a mature student, surrounded by a younger audience that may not share the same life and work experiences.

The Georgian College Military Veterans Club provides a support network and an opportunity to meet other students and faculty and share experiences. Email to connect with Mike Whittaker, Student President and find out how you can get involved. Stay tuned for a list of upcoming club meeting dates, starting in September.

Mental health supports for military-connected students

Do you need immediate support?

The Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) Assistance Service is a confidential and free service available 24/7 to veterans, former RCMP members, their family members, and caregivers.

Call 1.800.268.7708 to speak to a mental health professional right now, or use the online chat to set up an appointment.

For emergency or crisis situations, call 911.

Free, confidential counselling through Georgian

Georgian is dedicated to supporting the flourishing mental health and well-being of our college community to accelerate success and transform lives.

All Georgian students have free, confidential access to professional counsellors. We provide individual and group counselling to support students experiencing personal and mental health concerns.

We also offer a variety of workshops, sessions and self-help resources related to mental health, coping skills and wellness.

Other mental health servicesGeorgian College Chevron
  • Borden Military Family Resource Centre: Provides community-based family services that support and enhance the quality of life of the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden community.
  • LifeSpeak: Online mental and physical health information and support resource for veterans, former RCMP members, and their families.
  • Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS): A peer support network for CAF members, veterans, their families and caregivers experiencing an operational stress injury.

Career supports

Georgian College is committed to support military-connected candidates, including those currently serving, veterans and their family members, through our various career opportunities at our institution.

We offer flexible work schedules, both FT and PT opportunities in both academic and operational roles.  Visit our careers website and/or please reach out to our dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Vanessa Simard

Please contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist to find out more

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

How do I self-identify as a military-connected student at Georgian?Georgian College Chevron

To self-identify as a military-connected student at Georgian, please complete the voluntary and confidential military-connected student self-identification form.

Does Georgian provide program flexibility around military service and responsibilities?Georgian College Chevron

Absolutely! Georgian recognizes that military service and its impact may conflict with postsecondary learning. We want you to succeed. We’ll support you every step of the way and help you navigate conflicting priorities.

Read Georgian’s promise to military-connected students.

What other supports will I receive as a Georgian student?Georgian College Chevron

Georgian’s friendly, knowledgeable student services staff are here to help support you in as many ways as possible. Whether it’s tutoring, career advice, learning strategies, accessibility support, speaking with a counsellor or an array of other services, we’ll provide you with access to the resources you need to be successful.

Learn more about your support network at Georgian.

Are there other military connected students at Georgian?Georgian College Chevron

Georgian recently launched its first military-connected student survey in January 2022. The goal was to determine the size of the student population and gather feedback to shape the development of our military-connected college project.

Over 12,000 students were surveyed, resulting in 165 responses. It’s clear that military-connected students reflect a diverse group of adult learners interested in a broad range of programming at Georgian. The average age of this underrepresented group of students was 34 ½ years of age. These students possess a multifaceted background with a great deal of lived experience.

All six sub-categories of military-connected students are enrolled in Georgian programming. Find out which programs they’re enrolled in.

By the numbers:

  • 77 immediate family members 
  • 38 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veterans
  • 18 members of the Regular Force
  • 10 members of the Reserve Force
  • 15 foreign military veterans
  • 10 civilian members of the Department of National Defence (DND)
What Georgian programs are military-connected students enrolled in?Georgian College Chevron

Military-connected students are enrolled in 64 different programs across all Georgian campuses (excluding Muskoka).

The highest concentration of military-connected students can be found in the following programs:

Georgian offers 130+ full-time programs across a wide variety of disciplines. Not sure where to start? Try our Career Match quiz to find your program fit!

What is the military-connected college framework?Georgian College Chevron

The military-connected college framework is built upon the foundation provided by Release Point Education. The outcome is realized as tailored support for a group of underserved students. It includes:

  • military-connected student
  • partnered organizations
  • military community
  • community services
  • academic support
  • faculty, staff and administration
  • outreach, retention and graduation

Additional resources

Why Georgian College?

130+programs across a wide variety of disciplines
88.1%of our graduates find employment within six months of graduation
100%of our programs emphasize practical, hands-on learning
5,000+Georgian students enrolled in co-op programs

To thrive at Georgian, you will:

  • appreciate small class sizes
  • enjoy spending time with like-minded friendly and inclusive people
  • want to connect with industry-leading faculty who are committed to your success
  • learn in an agile and innovative environment where opportunities become a reality
  • experience real-world learning from industry leaders

Contact us

Image of Jason Kerr in Canadian Forces uniform.

Questions? Interested in learning more?

Jason Kerr, CD

Jason Kerr is the military-connected campus coordinator for Georgian College. This position falls under the libraries and academic success portfolio and covers all student and campus matters pertaining to the military connected strategy.

Jason served 15 years in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) as an avionics technician and flight engineer. He worked on the CC130 Hercules E/H models in Trenton, as well as assisting with the stand up of 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron in Petawawa.

Whether you have questions about support for military-connected students at Georgian or would just like to talk to someone who has shared similar experiences, Jason invites you to connect.